May Baking Challenge

Creamy classic cheesecake recipe on

A new month, a new website design, a new challenge recipe to celebrate!


  • On or around the 1st of every month, I post a new recipe complete with a how-to video, plenty of tips, tricks, and photos.
  • I want you to bake the recipe yourself during that month, then come back and tell me how it went!
  • Share your photos throughout the month using #sallysbakingchallenge on Instagram or email me, tweet me, or upload a photo of your recipe to my Facebook page. I want you all involved!
  • If you don’t like a particular flavor in that month’s recipe, there is an alternate Monthly Baking Challenge recipe.



April Baking Challenge recipe: Croissants

The April 2018 baking challenge was the most advanced challenge of the series so far. Croissants certainly aren’t easy and require dedicated time and attention. And yet the participation in April’s baking challenge was THE HIGHEST EVER! Many said you never thought you could bake croissants at home and felt a huge sense of accomplishment when you pulled your croissants out of the oven. That’s what I call a baking challenge success– pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and trying something you once thought was impossible. How empowered do you feel? A huge congratulations is in order because once you bake croissants, you’re a kitchen master.

Take a look at some of your photos on Instagram. And here’s a bunch that are either there, sent to me, posted on my Facebook page, or in my Facebook group. I wonder how many pounds of butter we used?! HA!!!

Giveaway winner for April is Instagram user Katie and she’s been notified. 🙂


May’s Baking Challenge is all about perfecting CHEESECAKE. Less intimidating than croissants, but a luxurious treat nonetheless. My favorite creamy, smooth, classic cheesecake recipe is coming tomorrow. If an entire cheesecake is too much, I’m sharing a scaled down miniature version you can make instead. Along with the recipe and video tutorial, I’m teaching you how to prevent your cheesecakes from cracking on top. I also have plenty of serving suggestions too!!



Everyone who participates in the May Baking Challenge and shares their photo on my Facebook page, in my Facebook groupemails it to me, or your public Instagram account using the hashtag #sallysbakingchallenge is automatically entered. (You can also message me your photo on Instagram if your account is private.) My assistants and I will keep track of your photos and randomly select a winner at the end of the month!

1 winner will receive: $250 Amazon Gift Card

This giveaway is open to the whole world. Giveaway ends on May 30th 2018. A winner will be selected at random and posted on the June Baking Challenge blog post on May 31st! 🙂

Look no further for a creamy and smooth classic cheesecake recipe! Paired with a buttery graham cracker crust, no one can deny its simple decadence! Recipe on

Check back tomorrow for the cheesecake recipe (update: here is the cheesecake recipe!), step-by-step pictures, a video, and the alternate May recipe.


  1. So excited for some good cheesecake tips! I’ve made them often but they always crack so I end up having to completely cover them with some kind of topping. Worse things could happen, but I’d love to make a crack free one!

    1. Absolutely! There’s nothing quite like pulling a perfect cheesecake out of the oven 🙂 Good luck and happy baking!

  2. I love cheesecake – I’m in for this month’s challenge! And I’m in love with your website redesign 🙂

  3. Yay! This is exciting. My Mom’s favorite is cheesecake so I will be making this for Mother’s Day!

  4. Where are the rest of the photos? Why do a challenge that takes 2-3 days when you do not even have the decency to post everyones photos.

    1. Hi Angela! We gathered as many photos as we could. If you’d like to find more photos, feel free to search the hashtag on instagram, visit my Facebook page, or see them all in my Facebook group. The purpose of the monthly baking challenges is to have fun and challenge yourself. Maybe someday I can work a system where readers can directly upload their pictures to my website. Thanks so much!

      1. Hey Sally ,just a suggestion- why not create a monthly baking challenge photo album on fb and ask everyone to post their photos in that. Instagram users will use the hashtag and for the photos of people who message you directly can be added on the website by you at the end of month.

  5. I’m really excited about the scaled down miniature version! Can’t wait to read tomorrow’s post! It’s been a while since I made cheesecake, this is perfect timing!

  6. This will be my first baking challenge and I’m looking forward to it. 😀 I think I’m going to try a chocolate cheesecake with raspberry coulis.

  7. Hi Sally,

    Would you prefer that challenge participants make a plain cheesecake or are we allowed to modify the recipe that you post?

  8. Jim and the boys have a couple favorite cheesecake recipes I make a couple times a year – I look forward to seeing what you share

  9. My husband loves cheesecake, so I’ve been making a lot of different kinds over the past few years. I am eager to try your version of his favorite dessert. I am sure it will be a winner!

  10. Have you ever made a Ricotta Pie? I love it more than cheesecake (which is why I’m thinking of it now), and am so curious what goes into making one.

  11. Yum!!! So looking forward to this! I have a great recipe but find it always cracks so can’t wait to try yours, looks dense and delicious!!!

  12. I can’t wait! My mother in law made the best cheesecake, but she took the recipe with her!! I’ve been trying to find a good recipe!!

    Thank you so much!!

  13. I make an amazing cheesecake with mascarpone and cream cheese. Every time I take it for potluck at church they literally fight over it.

  14. Looking forward to another monthly challenge Sally, but I cannot stop laughing about your comment!! I mean really!! how many pounds of butter do you think went into April’s challenge??
    I started a rough calculation and it’s pretty obscene. 😉
    You’ve built a great community of bakers 🙂

  15. I LOVE your redesign, Sally, and am super excited to do the May challenge, my first. I love cheesecake and have skipped challenges because I’m always afraid to have all that sweetness around the house (too tempting!). I finally decided that I want to grow as a baker so I want to participate and can always share part of the goodies with the neighbors!

  16. I have a delicious Pecan Bourbon Pumpkin Cheese Cake that I made for a few of my customers for last Thanksgiving. They came out great. I included a small jar of homemade Pecan Bourbon Sauce and a package of chopped pecans with each order. The house smelled so good for a few days while I was making them. We love cheese cakes and this one you made really looks amazing!! If you’d like to see the one I made I’m going to hashtag you on Instagram lorishandmadetreats. And I too am loving the new redesign of the webpage.

  17. This is my first month joining the challenge since I’ll be staying home with our new born baby girl and just got a kitchenAid mixer I’m super excited!!
    Is there a link to access each month for the challenge? I can’t find the cheesecake recipe for May.
    Thank you so much

  18. I made the mini cheesecakes as a test and they were amazing. The mini cherry cheesecakes were such a big hit I had to guard them so they didn’t get eaten before dinner. Thank you.

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