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Soft and fluffy strawberry cupcakes with creamy strawberry buttercream frosting. Make them in mini size, too!

strawberry cupcakes topped with strawberry frosting
strawberry cupcakes topped with strawberry frosting on a white serving tray

You don’t need to get your eyes checked. Those aren’t giant strawberry slices. The above strawberry cupcakes are, in fact, mini size. I made today’s homemade strawberry cupcakes in both regular and mini size.

Anyway. What a HIT these were. I’ve made strawberry cupcakes before and while I loved previous recipes, I wanted to create a new recipe for them. Complete with strawberry buttercream frosting, of course. That’s what I love most about baking– there is never a stopping point. I love taking recipes I already have and mixing them up to create fresh new versions.

strawberry cupcakes topped with strawberry frosting on a white serving tray

A few important details about the cupcake batter:

Make sure that all of your dairy ingredients are at room temperature. If you’re a regular reader (or baker), you know this is so important. To cut down on time, many ignore this step but it’s crucial to obtaining the best possible cupcake in terms of taste and texture. Room temperature ingredients are smooth and evenly incorporated, which helps produce light, airy, evenly baked treats.

Use my suggested sifted mix of all-purpose flour and cornstarch. The two produce a DIY version of cake flour. You can, of course, just use cake flour! I’ve noted that in the recipe below. Cake flour (or the DIY version) produces a lighter, softer, and much fluffier cake.

Whip those egg whites! I only use 1 egg yolk in the batter, along with three egg whites. The yolk is mixed in with the creamed butter/sugar, while the egg whites are whipped and then folded into the batter. Why do I do this? It adds air and volume to the batter. Again, creating a lighter, fluffier cake.

2 images of strawberry cupcake batter in a cupcake pan and whipped egg whites in a glass bowl

The strawberry buttercream frosting is where I had a lot of fun. I created wonderful strawberry buttercream candies for my Sally’s Candy Addiction cookbook and used what I learned from creating that recipe to produce today’s flavorful strawberry buttercream frosting. I’ve always had trouble obtaining a perfectly creamy and smooth frosting using fresh strawberries because they are so wet. So, I use freeze-dried strawberries.

When ground up, they make the perfect flavorful “dust” to make a strawberry flavored frosting without any artificial strawberry flavoring.

2 images of freeze dried strawberries in a food processor and freeze dried strawberry crumbs in a food processor

strawberry buttercream frosting in a glass bowl with a spatula

Regular or mini size, these are the perfect treats for the upcoming warm weather.

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strawberry cupcakes topped with strawberry frosting

Strawberry Cupcakes with Creamy Strawberry Buttercream

  • Author: Sally
  • Prep Time: 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 24 minutes
  • Total Time: 3 hours, 50 minutes
  • Yield: 1617 cupcakes 1x
  • Category: Cupcakes
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: American


Soft and fluffy strawberry cupcakes with creamy strawberry buttercream frosting. Make them in mini size, too!




  • 89 large strawberries*
  • 1 large egg + 2 egg whites, room temperature and separated
  • 2 cups (250g) all-purpose flour* (spoon & leveled)
  • 1/4 cup (30g) cornstarch*
  • 2 and 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3/4 cup (180g) unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
  • 1 and 1/2 cups (300g) granulated sugar
  • 3 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup (240ml) whole milk, room temperature*

Strawberry Buttercream

  • 1 cup (about 25g) freeze-dried strawberries*
  • 1 cup (235g) unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
  • 4 cups (480g) confectioners’ sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons (45ml) heavy cream
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • salt, to taste


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F (177°C). Line a 12-count muffin pan with cupcake liners. This recipe makes 16-17 cupcakes, so you will have a few cupcakes to bake in a 2nd batch. Please read notes about mini cupcakes.
  2. Slice 5 strawberries and place in a food processor or blender. Pulse until strawberries are a chunky puree. You should have about 1/3 cup. Set aside. Finely chop remaining strawberries. Set aside.
  3. With a handheld or stand mixer fitted with a whisk attachment, beat the 3 egg whites on high speed in a medium bowl until soft peaks form, about 2-3 minutes. Set aside.
  4. Make the cupcakes: Sift the flour, cornstarch, baking powder, and salt together in a large bowl. Set aside. Using a handheld or stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, beat the butter on high speed until smooth and creamy – about 1 minute. Add the sugar and beat on high speed for 3-4 minutes until creamed together fairly well. Scrape down the sides and up the bottom of the bowl with a rubber spatula as needed. Add the egg yolk and vanilla and beat on medium-high speed until combined. Scrape down the sides and up the bottom of the bowl with a rubber spatula as needed. With the mixer on low speed, add the dry ingredients in three additions alternating with the whole milk, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients, and mixing each addition just until incorporated. Do not overmix. Fold egg whites, 1/3 cup strawberry puree, and finely chopped strawberries into the cupcake batter. The batter will be velvety and slightly thick.
  5. Spoon batter into cupcake liners filling halfway. Bake for 20-24 minutes or until the tops of the cupcakes spring back when gently touched and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. Allow to cool in the pan for 5 minutes, then transfer to a rack to cool completely.
  6. Make the frosting: Using a blender or food processor, process the freeze-dried strawberries into a powdery crumb. You should have around 1/2 cup. Set aside. With a handheld or stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, beat the butter on medium speed until creamy – about 2 minutes. Add confectioners’ sugar, strawberry powder, cream, and vanilla extract with the mixer running on low. Increase to high speed and beat for 3 full minutes. Add 1/4 cup (30g) more confectioners’ sugar if frosting is too thin or 1 more Tablespoon of cream if frosting is too thick. Add a pinch of salt if frosting is too sweet. Frost cupcakes as desired. I used a Wilton 1M piping tip. Leftover prepared cupcakes can be stored covered tightly at room temperature for up to a day or in the refrigerator up to 5.


  1. Make Ahead & Freezing Instructions: Prepare cupcakes and frosting 1 day in advance. Keep cupcakes covered tightly at room temperature and the frosting covered tightly in the refrigerator. Unfrosted cupcakes can be frozen up to 2 months. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator and bring to room temperature before frosting and serving.
  2. Layer Cake: You can easily turn these into a layer cake. Simply pour batter into two greased and (lightly) floured 9-inch cake pans and bake for 27-35 minutes. Cakes are done when a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean. Frost as desired.
  3. Mini Cupcakes: For around 36 mini cupcakes, line mini cupcake pans with liners or spray with nonstick spray. Prepare cupcakes and frosting as directed. Bake mini cupcakes for 12-13 minutes or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.
  4. Strawberries: I highly recommend fresh strawberries. Frozen strawberries are fine. Thaw before using in step 2.
  5. Flour: I use a combination of sifted flour + cornstarch to produce cake flour – if you keep cake flour in the pantry, use 2 and 1/3 cups (268g) instead of the specified all-purpose flour and cornstarch.
  6. Milk: For the richest and moistest cupcakes, use whole milk. Buttermilk would be great too!
  7. Freeze-Dried Strawberries: 25g is accurate– freeze dried strawberries weigh nothing! You can find them in the dried fruit/nut aisle. Or order them online. If you can’t find them, try my raspberry frosting but swap out the raspberry jam for strawberry flavor. Or try my strawberry whipped cream instead.
  8. Be sure to check out my 10 tips for baking the BEST cupcakes before you begin!

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You’re going to love these.

strawberry cupcakes topped with strawberry frosting


Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. Since I already have cake flour would I use 2 cups for the recipe? Just trying to make sure of the right amount to use.

    1. Hi Angie, use 2 and 1/3 cups (268g) instead of the specified all-purpose flour and cornstarch. Enjoy!

  2. Recipe is SUPER confusing, and I’m by no means an inexperienced baker. If I didn’t have any baking experience, I never would have gotten through it. I abandoned the recipe halfway through the second “step” because it was way too much information way too quickly, and I couldn’t follow it at all. The cake itself turned out fine, as have other recipes of yours I’ve tried. I come back to this site as a trusted source, so I hope you know I’m coming in love! Just, please, I’m begging you, break up that step 2 into smaller simpler steps. I don’t want to give an opinion on the cake yet, because I had to stray to do my own thing, and I feel like it wouldn’t be a fair review.

    1. I am not an experienced baker, as of yet, myself, however; step back if confused. Reread. Suggestions, prep all ingredients, go step by step as she has written. I think in your confusion you gave up. I made these for the second time today and they are great. Give yourself a chance and try again.

    2. I find in general that most recipes (Sally’s included) have too many things happening in 1 step. (I guess because less “steps” make sit look simpler). I copy the recipe into a word document and the break it down so that each step is actually a step.

  3. I would like to make a small bath of regular sized cupcakes maybe 6 .
    What would be the recipie for that many?

    1. Hi KMA, we don’t have a recipe for 6 strawberry cupcakes at this time. Let us know if you try reducing this recipe!

  4. I loved the cupcakes. I haven’t made the frosting yet but cupcakes were so good. My daughter was so happy to have light, fluffy, strawberry infused cupcakes. Thank you!

  5. They taste good and all the strawberry flavor is natural, but the recipe is tedious, and the steps don’t flow. The ingredients are not listed in the order used. So when it list a group to mix together you have to go up and down the ingredients list to find the amount you need of each. It says to make the egg whites first. By the the time I needed them, they were gelatinous, separated and didn’t fold in nicely.

  6. Hi! I was wondering what cupcake liners you suggest. I am making these for a project and wanted to know what color/brand you would use. Thanks!

  7. I paired this cupcake with your lemon cream cheese frosting recipe. Both were fantastic, and I received so many compliments.

    1. Hi Charles, you can use skim milk instead of whole milk, but the cupcakes won’t be quite as rich or moist. We recommend sticking with whole milk!

  8. While there are several steps they all came together well and the results are stellar! I used 1.5 cups of sugar and 1/4 freeze dried strawberry power and it gave a good punch!

    Will make again!

    1. Hi Kaitlyn! For best results, we recommend making two batches of batter rather than doubling.

  9. I made these for the first time today for a baby shower as mini cupcakes, and I thought the instructions were great! I actually broke the cupcake recipe down into 9 steps and color coded them with the ingredients (as I do with all the recipes I use) and it helped me a lot! I suggest doing if you get confused with a complex step 🙂 They baked beautifully and they taste amazing and fluffy and moist! It made a good 72+ mini cupcakes.

  10. This recipe was kinda hard to follow. There’s a lot going on in the second step. I was confused about the amount of eggs and egg whites. It tasted good tho!!! The icing was awesome. I used freeze dried berry mix not just strawberry. It kinda peeled from the wrappers and the cake tin. I’ll try again it again tho. Thanks.

  11. Hello. I’m confused… The ingredients say one large egg +2 egg whites. Step three says “beat the three egg whites.“ Which is it? Two or three egg whites?

    1. Hi Erica, you’ll use 3 egg whites in step 3, and the one egg yolk in step 4. The yolk is mixed in with the creamed butter/sugar, while the egg whites are whipped and then folded into the batter. Hope that helps!

  12. Hi I am asking for your help because I am confused. I followed the recipe for raspberry frosting and it came out runny. I followed all of your directions and butter was finger tip touch tested, heavy cream used per your directions and I used your preferred brand name jam. It was still runny. I added more powered sugar and by the time I was done I was up to 5 cups. I have thoroughly examined your Vanilla Buttercream, Strawberry and Raspberry Buttercream frosting recipes. Each recipe calls for a different amount of confectioners sugar. and butter. I am not able to acquire freeze dried strawberries quick enough to provide this for the special party we are having. My question is how much confectioners sugar do you suggest I use when I use your recommended jam, strawberry flavor?, for the Strawberry buttercream frosting?
    I did make your mint chocolate chip buttercream frosting and it was a true winner! Thank you for your time and help.

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