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Guess what? I’m hiring!

Here at Sally’s Baking Addiction headquarters/Jude’s turf, I’m up to my ears in work 24 hours a day. Even when I’m sleeping, I’m dreaming about dessert. (That might not be a work thing, but an addiction thing.) When it comes down to it, I need assistance with day-to-day things so I can focus on the big stuff like creating new content, writing blog posts, and recipe testing. I also have some exciting things coming up and there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to efficiently do them all myself. Friends, I’m struggling! And I need help from one of you.

Read the description and requirements below and if interested, please apply using my directions at the bottom. Or if you know anyone who might fit the description, please forward along. My goal is to continue to improve and grow Sally’s Baking Addiction and I can’t do it without you!

Sally’s Baking Addiction Marketing Assistant

Job description: this position primarily focuses on helping me run the social media for my blog. This position also requires scheduling, administrative support, and kitchen assistance. If you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of running a food blog as a business and being apart of this fast-paced food blogging world, this position is for you.

  • Starting at 15 – 20 hours per week with possibility of going full time
  • Position will initially be remote with occasional meetings on site

Must be: entrepreneurial, organized, upbeat and outgoing, tech savvy, fast learner, super detail oriented, an excellent writer, innovative, and a creative thinker.

Bonus, but not required: experience or a degree in marketing or advertising

Compensation: dependent upon your qualifications and experience

Start date: flexible, ideally March 2016

Non-negotiable requirements:

  • Local to the DC, Baltimore, or Philadelphia area
  • An interest in food blogging, serious bonus if you have your own blog
  • Must have your own laptop
  • Dog-friendly (Jude will be your coworker. Just kidding. Or am I?)
  • Must like dessert. Duh.


Thank you!


  1. Would love to apply but Long Island might be alittle too far away. Hope you find the right fit though, and fyi if you ever need a dog sitter and/ or taste tester, you can count on me! 🙂

  2. My dream job!!!! If you’re ever looking for candidates in the Silicon Valley please let me know! I would work for you for free! 

  3. Hi Sally,
    I’m a Canadian currently living in Tel Aviv- even though I am a clinical Social Worker, I just really love your blog!!!!! my husband will tell you, I use your recipes all the time (just starting the red velvet cake now 🙂 If i was living in the US i would for sure apply, best of luck finding that perfect fit!!!! 

  4. Oh my gosh, what a dream job!! I know we would be BFF’s, Sally. *insert emoji* Too bad I reside in Florida. Maybe one day. Good luck to you and the lucky person who gets to learn from you! 

  5. What a wonderful opportunity. Just applied 🙂 I’m local to Philadelphia and have been looking for part-time work, so this might be perfect. 

  6. If only I lived in the area. Good luck. In your search!

  7. Oh man! Sally!! If only…I live in Australia, otherwise I’d totally apply! This is such wonderful news that you are now needing help for your blog!! What an honour it would be to work by your side. I’ve been following you since the beginning and wow, how you have grown.

  8. Wow, this sounds so perfect, unfortunately I am in Texas, I am just getting started on my own blog, I am using you for inspiration.  Good luck I am sure you will get someone terrific!

  9. Wow! I so wish I could apply! I would in a hot second if I could. I’m sure you will fill the position right away. What a great way to spend your days. 

  10. Please please PLEASE reconsider and accept remote applications. I’m the perfect candidate. I’ve worked with PR + ad agencies managing social for food brands + restaurants. I have lots of experience under my belt. I could help you manage from miles away but thanks to email/text/FaceTime/Skype, we’d always be connected. Think about it. I can bake with you as we FaceTime too. Haha. Oh pretty please reconsider! I sent over my credentials, just in case. Crossing my fingers. 🙂

  11. Melissa McLemore says:

    Hi Sally,

    Love, Love, Love your blog! I follow it and try your recipes out on friends and family regularly. I am close to the DC area (near Richmond) and am a self-employed photographer with a degree in English. Do you think I am close enough to apply?

    Hope so!!!


    1. Definitely! Feel free to apply!

  12. I love your site and ever though I am a dietitian I love dessert!  Who can pass up dessert?  This is such an awesome opportunity.  I live in Bucks County PA and would love to work with you, but I still work as a dietitian part time.  

  13. Wish so badly I could apply! I’m currently a full time PR student in South Jersey with 2 part time jobs and wouldn’t want to let you down if you ended up needing to hire your new assistant full time! If you ever consider hiring an intern for a few months, I’d love the opportunity! 

  14. Wahhhhhhh 🙁 I would move from Australia for this. 

  15. This job sounds like loads of fun!!!! I am about to graduate from college in MD with a dual degree in Biology and Psychology, I have tons of experience working with others, and love doing artsy things! Do you think I might be close enough to apply for the job?? 

    1. Feel free to apply with your resume!

  16. You used to work in a typical business setting.

    Now you have a booming website doing what you love most. People around the world LOVE you. There are 2 cookbooks to your name. You travel the country routinely. You are in People!!! And now, you are so successful you are actually Hiring a person! OMG. You are in a league of your own. I want give you the biggest hug. I dont live close to you but I would have loved the opportunity otherwise.

    Sally, I am so HAPPY for you. Lots of love, Iram

    1. Means the world to me! I appreciate it, thank you so much Iram!

  17. I would love to apply for this job, but sadly I live in Pittsburgh. It makes me so sad because I admire all of your hard work, dedication and amazing recipes. You should feel so proud and happy that you are becoming so famous in the baking world and need to hire an assistant! Thank you for this amazing blog and tasty recipes that continue to make my family and I smile. If you ever need a “virtual assistant” I would LOVEEEE to do any kind of work from my home in Pittsburgh for you, anything at all that you would need. I would do it for free to haha this is such an amazing opportunity and who ever gets the job is going to be so lucky!!

    Lots of love, Carly.

    1. Thank you so much Carly! I appreciate it all 🙂

  18. If only I lived closer! Just wanted to let you know that I bake from your cookbook or blog at least once/week. (Just made the strawberry cupcakes with my kids yesterday.) In my kitchen your recipes get more traffic than my King Arthur Flour cookbook! My oldest daughter is almost 4 years old and she picks what we make by your photos. Love you!

    1. Your daughter! So cute!

  19. I wish I knew more about Marketing, because I am in Baltimore and LOVE your recipes!! If you ever need an office manager, I’m your girl!

  20. Wow, I’m a little sad I don’t live on the east coast! As a HUGE baking enthusiast and content/SEO manager at my current job, this would have been such a cool opportunity and probably a ton of fun. I only found your blog today while looking for cookie recipes, and I think I’ll have to try some of them out for sure… Do let me know if you ever move your outfit to SoCal!

  21. Oh my god Sally this is almost perfect for me! I believe I fit all of the qualifications except I’m up for a promotion at work and I can’t say no to that

  22. Marci Loehner says:

    WHAT?!? You don’t have an assistant yet?!? How in the world have you managed this far doing this all by yourself? Nevermind! DON’T answer that…

    Anyway I check off everything except for being local….if meetings aren’t needed very often or could be done Skype/Facebook I’d totally be down. However, that’s not your requirements…so I won’t waste your time and apply!

    Good luck! You’ve done AMAZING this far and can’t wait to see what hired help does for your successful business.

    1. Thanks so much, Marci!

      And I believe I’ve done it all myself because (1) coffee and (2) coffee. 😉

  23. HI Sally! Congrats on your success! You are inspiring, from your word choice on your posts to your creative recipes. I ‘d love the chance to assist you and learn from you.
    I did study marketing/finance in college sometime ago. I’ve worked as a director before in charge of marketing plans, financial plans, etc. I live in the Philadelphia area. Last, I just started a blog (it’s not finished being constructed but my launch date is soon, February 29th) all because of you and your inspiring posts. However, I am a neophyte when it comes to social media! I resisted the need to use social media though I’ve had a FB account and LinkdIn for at least 6 years. I was rarely on it. Now I realize to survive in blogging social media is a must! 🙂 It is funny because my teenage kids are old souls and they took down all their social media accounts including FB this past Christmas! Anyway, please let me know how I can assist you. —T

    1. Tam, feel free to apply! Thank you so much for your interest.

  24. Hi Sally! Congrats on your success so far! I love your blog, your recipes always come out perfect. I met you once at a book signing in Philadelphia. I applied for the marketing assistant job because I am currently a college student working toward my degree in Marketing and Business, and think I would be the perfect fit! 

    1. I can’t wait to read your application. Thanks Dana!

  25. LOVE your page, and everything on it! It’s delicious, page is beautiful and I’m in love with it. I am Perfeeeeeeeect for this….except I live all the way in Canada. I have a marketing degree, blog and my Dad’s a professional chef! If you ever change your mind about location I’d love to work for you. If not just know you’re inspiring all of us around the world. A few friends and I bake your recipes frequently! Good luck xo

  26. Hi Sally!
    I am so happy that you are in need of help because I have dreamed of being a part of your team! I love the casual, enthusiastic tone of your posts and I have never been disappointed by any of your recipes. Keep an eye out for my resume!
    All the best,
    Mary Beth

    1. Thanks Mary Beth! Looking forward to it.

  27. Hi Sally!
    How local is local?? How about within 4 hours 🙂  This sounds like a dream job for me!

  28. Just completed my proposal only to find I missed your deadline. 

  29. Hi Sally! 

    If you happen to open up your search to applicants outside of the DC area, I’d love to send you my information. I’m so thrilled to see one of my favorite bloggers reaching out to the community with opportunities.

  30. Hi Sally – I currently work in Marketing and live in Philadelphia. I would love to be considered for the position. I sent my information to you at [email protected] Thank you!

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