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overhead image of madeleines from recipe testing

Bakers! How the heck are you?

I just spent 4 days in the kitchen testing new recipes for the coming weeks. One of my assistants and I baked up a storm Monday – Thursday. It was awesomely productive. And that’s how I plan to approach recipe testing this year. “Power weeks” in the kitchen so I can spend the rest of the month on photography and writing. And having a relatively normal life outside of work! I really have no clue how to balance it all, but this feels like the best plan for my new role as a mom. We’ll see how it goes!

Side note. While it feels incredible to be back at it, I feel guilty not spending time with Noelle. Do any of you new moms ever feel that way when going back to work?

One of my goals for work this year is to provide new, exciting, somewhat challenging, and fresh content. For quite some time, my achilles’ heel has been madeleine cookies. The texture! I couldn’t get it right! Happy to say that after 6 or 7 different test batches, we landed on a winner. Stay tuned for the recipe (and what worked/didn’t work). We also tested a new recipe for roll out cookies, babka, a fun ganache, cupcakes, and pound cake… among a couple others. I’m sugared out. And so is my freezer!!! I’m excited to share all these new recipes with you. 🙂

flour storage containers

I shared some of our week on social media. One main question: where did I purchase my flour containers?! I have 4 of these. They’re not very glamorous, but they’re functional. Very large, so they’re great for anyone who bakes a lot. Snap shut, ingredients stay fresh, brown sugar doesn’t dry out. I use them to store flour, sugar, brown sugar, and confectioners’ sugar.

I love them so much (and recommend them so much) that they’re even included on my holiday gifts for the baker page.

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