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no churn blueberry crumble ice cream in a glass bowl

Checking back in with a new recipe testing post. I launched my recipe testing series this year because I know many of you are equally interested in the hows and whys of recipes.

So far this year:

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I was in San Francisco for a 1 day Pinterest conference last week and just arrived home from Kansas, where I toured a wheat farm, a flour mill, baked bread, ate incredible food, and spent time with equally enthusiastic bakers, Red Star Yeast, and Kansas Wheat. I had a wonderful time and am sharing pictures from the trip on my blog next week, so check back. I’m so happy to be home with my little family though!!! It’s good to leave but also good to come home. 🙂

Before my travel, I reserved a day for recipe testing. I worked on a new no-churn ice cream recipe (pictured above) as well as the July Baking Challenge. (Hint: apples and pie.) Neither required a ton of testing, but I’m looking forward to getting my hands dirty with creme brûlée and fresh bread next week!

Fruit tart with strawberries and blueberries

I mentioned this the other week, but just in case some missed it– I made my fresh fruit tart with vanilla mascarpone cream again recently. A few readers have noticed that the mascarpone curdles when mixed in step 7, so this time I whipped the heavy cream into stiff peaks separately, then folded it into the mascarpone. This definitely helped! I garnished the tart with strawberries, blueberries, and homemade sweetened whipped cream. Great dessert for 4th of July coming up.


Isn’t it interesting that one small change, like whipping the cream in my fruit tart filling, makes such a big difference? We see this in two recent recipes as well.

The picture below is the same exact recipe. Combining the oats and milk and giving the oats time to soak up some of the liquid creates a taller, fluffier, heartier muffin. The muffins on the left were wet, squat, and sad. Here is the improved blueberry oatmeal muffins recipe.

2 muffins including one flat muffin and one regular muffin

And the picture below is the same exact recipe too. Rolling out the dough into a long rectangle, instead of a small square, results in a taller loaf with triple the swirl. The bread on the left is shorter and definitely craving more swirl. Here is the improved homemade cinnamon swirl bread recipe.

2 slices of cinnamon swirl bread


  1. If you were to eat a fruit crisp or fruit cobbler, which would you choose? I have a recipe idea but would love to know if sweet biscuit topped cobbler or oatmeal streusel topped crisp is more your style.
  2. Thoughts on creme brûlée? I think I asked you about this before but I’m finally getting around to it!

Happy Father’s Day, dads!! 🙂


  1. I will definitely would like to try fruit cobbler with home made biscuits (not store bought -sofa smelling- rounds of dough)
    I love creme brulee . And I am the only one in our family who is a fan of it. Maybe you’ll come up with an idea different from plain vanilla creme brûlée))

    1. Theresa Doerfler says:

      Oatmeal streusel topped crisp any day! I always double the amount of streusel that goes on top of anything…can you tell it’s my favorite part??

      1. Michele Greiman says:

        I’m with Theresa. Double the streusel topping!!

  2. Terra Cramer says:

    I am a fruit crisp girl, but I wouldn’t turn down a fruit cobbler either.

  3. I love a good crisp and I think that Strawberry Rhubarb is delicious!

  4. I would love the crisp but have been known to eat fruit dumplings like blackberry dumplings.

  5. Biscuit cobbler! Especially with plums <3
    And creme brulee, I'll eat it but I'm not a fan.

  6. I love your posts and recipes. Starting to redo my kitchen and love the looks of your. Any pointers or must have for kitchen makeovers? As for creme brûlée love it!

    1. Hi Thuy! Here is a blog post I wrote about our kitchen remodel/design 🙂

  7. Fruit crisp!! Baking is such an interesting science, indeed

  8. Brittany Audra @ Audra's Appetite says:

    My vote would be for a fruit crisp!!! Can’t beat that crunch oat topping 🙂

  9. I would probably choose cobbler, but both are good!!

    Creme brûlée is amazing!!! But – I don’t love it with flavors like coconut or chocolate custard – it’s one of the few desserts that I strongly prefer the traditional version of.

  10. I like fruit cobbler but I don’t think it’s good a few hours after it’s made or the following day so, at least for our family, fruit crisp is more practical because I can make it ahead of time for company or if it’s just the 2 of us, we don’t devour the whole thing in a night!

  11. I love both but if I had to choose then fruit cobbler! As for creme brûlée, I absolutely adore it. I rarely have it though, only occasionally when eating out so it’s a real treat.

    By the way, I tried your blueberry oatmeal muffins and I think they were the best muffins I’ve ever had! Super favourful and soft. The recipe is really flexible too – I used half butter half coconut oil and half honey half sugar, worked beautifully.

    Thank you Sally for your amazing work 🙂

  12. I prefer a fruit crisp over a cobbler! I feel that a crunchy topping pairs best with the soft fruits. Especially when it’s fresh berries and there’s white chocolate curls that are shaved over the topping when it’s just come out of the oven and is still hot so the chocolate melts… but I guess that would work on a cobbler too 😉

    About creme brûlée – it’s not my favorite. I never pick it at restaurants since it’s just a bit too boring for me. I do love the caramel on top but that’s usually only such a thin layer that it’s not really worth the otherwise boring dessert.

  13. Cobbler! I’ve never made anything with peaches so a peach cobbler would be oh, so good!

    Creme brûlée is just meh for me though. It’s like bread pudding. Somehow I can’t muster up much enthusiasm for it. But I’m sure that your recipe would be great, like everything else is.


  15. Hi Sally! Ok, let’s see… I love the crunchy oatmeal crisp topping paired with errors, especially blackberries, YUM! As for cobbler, peaches, pears, nectarines…apples , on the other hand, are delicious in either! I’ve never tried creme brulee. I’ve always wanted to, but just haven’t yet. I think that will be remedied soon though, if you’re bringing us your own recipe soon! I’m curious as to your thoughts on no-churn ice cream. I really like most of the flavors I’ve made. The ratios have to be correct or I find it to leave a strange mouthfeel if there’s too much heavy cream. Strawberry cheesecake is a favorite of mine- it works really well as a no-churn variety.

  16. Crisp all the way!

  17. I definitely prefer fruit crisp over fruit cobbler. I like the crunchiness!

    I love creme brulee, and would love to see a twist on the traditional vanilla!

  18. I love creme brûlée! Looking forward to reading how your testing ends up . And if I can throw in a suggestion for recipe testing, it’d be tres leches. I’ve tried a few different recipes and haven’t come across the right one just yet!

  19. While I love both, I’ve been dying for fruit crisp! especially apple. I used to get it from On the Border, but they removed it from the menu. Those fiends!

  20. Biscuit cobbler over oatmeal streusel but I wouldn’t turn the streusel. Creme brulee? I could take or leave, not a huge fan.

  21. Fruit crisp with crunchy topping!

  22. I prefer a fruit crisp with the crunchy topping over a soft cobbler. And while I’m not big into crime brûlée, my husband loves it.

  23. Fruit crisp crunchy topping!!!!!

  24. Biscuit cobbler!

  25. Kay Patrick says:

    Definitely a CRISP fan!

  26. I think I prefer crisp to cobbler. & not a fan of creme brulee at all – cold, tasteless, slimey, boring under a topping that just tastes burnt 🙁 Sorry creme brulee, nothing personal, just not to my taste!

  27. Becky Knott says:

    I vote crisp over cobbler. Also, my husband has been wanting me to make creme brulee for a while now. We always order it when we go out. If you post a version of it, I will have to try it! I’m excited!

  28. I prefer biscuit-like, and creme brulee is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! I’d love to see a SBA version!

    1. Working on one! 🙂

  29. Sharon Haslam says:

    Streusel on top of anything is heaven. Cinnamon, oatmeal and sugar reign supreme in any form if you’re me so I’ll choose a crisp over a cobbler any day unless it’s my mom’s Newfie cobbler which is just brown sugar, butter and hot water poured over (homemade!) biscuit dough in a glass dish and baked so the “sauce” ends up under the crispy, fluffy biscuit layer once cooked. It warms your heart…just like anyone from Newfoundland. That’s also the land of homemade bread and my Cape Btreton mom has been making her sweet bread dough rolled with cinnamon since I was little. It’s my kids most favourite toast (and French Toast!) Love your posts, love your blog, love your tried and true recipes! Thank you Sally!!!

  30. Definitely a sweet biscuit cobbler kinda gal. I am actually going to try a few recipes I found on pintreset to make creme brulee. I had it for the first not too long ago and have been obsessed ever since. Can’t wait to see what you come up with, will definitely try your recipe!

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