Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Easy, quick, and fool proof strawberry cookies loaded with chocolate chips.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies by Easy, no-fuss and quick!

Oops I did it again.  One more cake mix cookie for you. Devil’s Food? check!  Vanilla? check! Now it’s time for pink to take over. A whole lotta pink.

I know many of you aren’t fond of using boxed mixes in recipes. I’m on the fence about it. I love it for its convenience and the cake batter taste it gives desserts, but nothing can truly beat a brownie made from scratch.  I’ve made some fantastic cake batter flavored treats without using cake mix at all, too. It IS possible. Hello, Cake Batter Sugar Cookies and Cupcake Puppy Chow (both = no cake mix!).

Regardless, I haven’t been able to pin down a fantastic strawberry-dough based cookie recipe without using it, so I picked up a box of Duncan Hines strawberry cake mix the other day and things got even more pink around these parts.  I know you’ll love these. 🙂

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies by Easy, no-fuss and quick!

The real reason I made these? Valentine’s Day is coming up! Not that I needed an excuse for a pink cookie, but it conveniently fits the part.

I took my Confetti Cake Batter Cookie recipe, subbed strawberry cake mix for vanilla and chocolate chips for the sprinkles.  It’s truly the easiest cookie recipe you’ll ever find, especially for how soft, puffy, thick, and perfect they come out.

You’ll literally ask yourself HOW on earth a cookie this good can start from a box. Well, it does.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies by Easy, no-fuss and quick!

The dough combines 6 simple ingredients: strawberry cake mix, eggs, oil, baking powder, vanilla, and chocolate chips.  Everything may come together by hand. The dough is quite dense and thick, so you’ll definitely need a bit of elbow grease to mix everything together.  It’s also very oily.  But do NOT worry, the cookies will still bake up thick and puffy.  With strawberry chocolate chips cookies as the finished product, you definitely didn’t hear me complaining about using my arm muscles to get there. 😉

** Note: if you’d like to sift your dry cake mix to get out all of the lumps before combining with the rest of the ingredients, be my guest.  But everthing came together nicely for me without taking that extra step. **

There is also no dough-chilling required. I chill my dough for nearly every single cookie I bake – the most recent exception is my recipe for  Homemade Oatmeal Creme Pies – no need to wait around for the dough to get cold and moldable. The same goes for today’s cookies. Bypass all of that and stick these cake mix cookies right into the oven.

Only 20 minutes start to finish!

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies by Easy, no-fuss and quick!

I rolled the dough balls a bit larger than my previous cake mix cookies, about 2 Tablespoons of dough go into each dough ball.  Feel free to make these any size you want – adjust the baking time accordingly and watch that they do not brown.  A few of mine got a bit brown on top because I left them in 1 extra minute by mistake. That’s what I get for trying to vacuum as I bake. Cleaning < baking.

Be sure to roll your balls of dough to be “taller” rather than wide. I talked about the “tall” trick here.   If thick cookies are your goal, make sure you don’t miss that!

{sidenote: do you know how hard it is to shoot pink cookies without them looking like the pink goo from Ghostbusters?  This was quite a challenging photo shoot!}

Ok, back to these glorious gems.  Texture wise, these cookies and very soft and light.  They retain that soft-baked consistency that I know you love (and so do I!). While they come from cake mix, they are not cakey in the slightest. They are soft in the center, but very chewy around the edges.  Moist, melting in your mouth – no dry crumbs in sight.  And I LOVE how puffy and thick they turned out.  You have the baking powder to thank for all that lift.

Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies by

What about their taste?  The strawberry taste isn’t overpowering at all. In fact, I don’t even like strawberry cake but when baked into pink cookie form? I’m all about it. My friend Erin told me they taste like vanilla strawberry shortcake!  Kevin couldn’t stop eating them, despite their fabulous girly color. 😉

And all those chocolate chips? I was actually going to add Valentine’s Day sprinkles to these cookies, but the combination of chocolate and strawberries is just one of my favorites. And with a bag of Nestle Morsels staring me in the face, I knew semi-sweet chocolate chips were the strawberry dough’s destiny.  You could even go for white chocolate instead!

Easy, quick, and fool proof strawberry cookies loaded with chocolate chips.

Cookies are pretty in pink. 🙂

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Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mixed with a little oil, chocolate chips, eggs, baking powder and vanilla, strawberry cake mix is the base of what may be the prettiest and softest cookie you'll ever bake. And they're pink, too!

Yield: 2 dozen cookies


  • 1 box (18.25 oz) strawberry cake mix, like Duncan Hines
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/3 cup vegetable/canola oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 and 1/4 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 350F. Line large baking sheet with parchment paper or silicone baking mat. Set aside.

In a large bowl, mix together the cake mix and baking powder. Set aside. In a smaller bowl, whisk together the eggs, oil, and vanilla by hand. Add the egg mixture to the cake mixture and stir to form a dough- stir vigorously until all of the pockets of dry cake mix are gone. Gently mix in the chocolate chips.

Drop rounded balls of dough, about 2 Tablespoons each, onto prepared baking sheet. Stick a few more chocolate chips on top of the cookie dough balls if you want them for looks, if desired. Make sure the balls of dough are taller than they are wide. See here for more details.

Bake for 10 minutes – do not let the cookies get brown. Allow to cool on baking sheet for 3 minutes; they will be very soft at first. As they cool, the tops may settle down; press them down gently with your fingers if they are not sinking much. Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. Store in an airtight container for up to one week.

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  1. Made both these strawberry cookies AND the cake batter cookies for Easter. I made the strawberry with oil and the cake batter with greek yogurt; I much prefer the greek yogurt; thanks for the tips!!
    They are both super yummy!

  2. Hello! I’m planning on doing this for my mom with a few variations. Anyway, I don’t know where to get butter extract. As far as I know, butter extract isn’t sold in groceries or anywhere here in the Philippines. What can I do to substitute for the butter extract?

    • There is no butter extract in this recipe – just vanilla. You may leave it out if you need to. Enjoy!

  3. Planning on making these tomorrow for mother’s day but I had to supstitute the Duncan Hines with a different strawberry cakemix as it isn’t available around here, hope it works just as well! Just in case I’m picking up some red food colouring this afternoon… fingers crossed!
    Bought a big glass fruitpot with transparant pink bows to store them in, if it all works out it will look so pretty and cute! 🙂

  4. Dear Sally, these are amazing! (This is actually Jazzy, her soon to be 12 yrs old daughter, my Birthday is on June, 4) I just love them…everything we have made never goes wrong and always tastes good! Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Sally,

    Two things you may want to include in your recipe are:

    1. The baker to spray his or her hands with PAM or equivalent to make it easier to mush the dough into balls without making a big, sticky mess.

    2. Don’t bake on bottom rack.

  6. I was asking about this on your red velvet cookie page after my last question there, but I was just wondering if you have a way to make a strawberry dough from fresh strawberries? Or if not and you figure one out, could you please let me know?

    • Hi Cynthia – I do not have a strawberry cookie recipe with fresh strawberries at the moment.

  7. Quick question for you. Here in Canada I am not finding a strawberry cake mix, but Duncan Hines does have this:

    Could it be used in place of cake mix or would it require modifications/additions?

    • Hi Cynthia – it looks like the same cake mix we use here. I would say your cookies would be fine as is using it.

  8. Have made this recipe 5 times in the last week, my family can’t get enough. My husband loves the version I made with Butter Pecan Cake Mix and chopped up pecans in it, and my son loves the new Blue Velvet Cake Mix with mini m&m’s in it. I love the devil’s food cake mix with cut up Milky Way bars in it. Thank you so much for the great recipe.

  9. Can i make them with normal cake mix and add in strawberry extract and red food colouring later? I can’t find strawberry cake mix anywhere…
    I really want to make theese they look fun to make with mom and dad ^^
    Found this way too late ㅠㅠ wish I found this earlier(same for my recent passion for baking)

  10. My roommate and I baked a ridiculous amount of these in our college dorm’s community kitchen, and many students were stopped by the scent of them baking and stopped by to try them! Even a group of guys who were totally fine with eating obnoxiously pink cookies.

    And they really were super easy and didn’t require us schlepping too many ingredients to the kitchen. Thanks for the recipe!

  11. I have a question but not about these cookies(they turned out just fine) I want to make more cake mix cookies. I have tried doing it with cake mixes and the rest of the ingredients on the recipe, but for some reason they just don’t taste right. Any suggestions?

  12. I just made these cookies 15 minutes after reading this recipe! They are amazingly awesome and will get you into trouble because you will want to eat the whole batch! THANK YOU!!!!!

  13. Could I subsitute the strawberry cake mix for another flavor?

  14. These are delicious and really great they turned out awesome not as pink as your though but still great and pretty pink I used betty crocker cake mix and mixed dark chocolate and white chocolate together and they were good

  15. I made these twice – one batch as a trial run and the other as the official. Couple things I found:
    1. The oil in this recipe makes an incredibly oily dough – it’s more of a cake batter mix, which makes sense, because it’s using cake mix as the main source of dry ingredients. I replaced the oil with 1/3 cup of creamed butter, and the dough consistency came out MUCH better.
    2. The pink isn’t super pink, like it’s shown in the photograph, but I assumed these were professionally shot. The color is still noticeable though, and they looked great.

    Taste was great! Ten minutes in the oven at 350 was perfect.

  16. So happy I found this recipe!
    Making a strawberry batch & a blue velvet batch for a friend’s gender reveal party on Saturday! 🙂

  17. Just curious, in Canada I can’t seem to find a strawberry cake mix

  18. Hi Sally,
    Just wanted to drop a note and say your recipes are amazing! I love to bake and am often assigned dessert duty at dinner parties. I frequent your site and your recipes are fool proof and delicious. Thanks!!

  19. I made these tonight for a Christmas concert I thought that you can’t go wrong with Chocolate and Strawberries. The only Strawberry Duncan Hines mix was Strawberry Cheesecake so I purchased Pillsbury not realizing there was a difference in size. They came out great bit definetly lighter in color. Wish I had read all these comments first I would have gotten the Strawberry cheesecake mix. Looking forward to all the delighted concert ghosts add they taste these tomorrow night!

  20. I made these last night for a Cookies and Cocoa event at work today. The students loved the cookie. I tried one myself and I love how soft and sweet they are! This cookie is so unique and not something you see everyday at a bakery or grocery store. I will definitely be baking these again. They were so quick and simple to make. The batter was a bit oily, but it was a nice change from sticky cookie dough! Thanks Sally!

  21. About how many cookies does this make?

  22. Hello, I see a couple of your readers are from the UK am as I where Strawberry cake mix is not easily available. One reader suggested for the mix, but as it’s about £6+ (most cake mixes here are about £1-2) it seems rather pricey for cookies. You also suggested making your sugar cookies and adding red dye but I wonder if a Red Velvet cake mix might also work? Perhaps giving it a bit more red than pink colour? It’s a cake mix that’s more available so I thought I’d ask what you thought and if would be too much of a flavour change? Thanks!

    • red velvet cake mix is absolutely fine but the cookies will obviously take on the taste of the red velvet.

    • Maybe you could try adding strawberry gelatin (jello) to a white cake mix (a lot of strawberry cake recipes call for that sort of thing.) Or pulverize some freeze dried strawberries in a food processor…or use strawberry kool-aid (or another powdered drink brand) added to a cake mix instead of the gelatin, if you wanted to keep the strawberry flavor.

  23. TK If you have friends or relatives in that live in the USA perhaps they would be willing to purchase several strawberry cake mixes and send them out to you for postage reimbursement. Not sure if sending cake mixes is allowed in the UK or what the postage would be.

  24. I love to experiment in my baking, so after making half the batch, I added 4oz cream cheese to the second half of dough. (I would add 8oz to entire recipe next time.) I mixed it well and then baked. My husband and I really enjoyed the first batch, but the second batch were perfect- in our opinion. 😉 They were much more moist and tasty! I have made several of your recipes and always like them! Thanks for this twist on our favorite cookie- chocolate chip! 🙂

  25. These were easy and tasty. I’ve made a few of your recipes and I always get positive feedback. Thanks for helping a girl who doesn’t know her way around the kitchen!

  26. Thanks for the recipe! These were delicious

  27. In my opinion, 1 & 1/4 cups of chocolate chips was too much! The next time I make these, I will only use 3/4 cup in the cookies and decorate with a few more.

  28. I live in Canada and could only find Duncan Hines’ strawberry cupcake kits – they make 12 cupcakes (and come with frosting mix). Since a regular cake mix generally makes 24 cucpakes, I’m thinking two of these cupcake mixes would be the same as one regular cake mix from your recipe… does that make sense? I want to make these for a bake sale in a few days, I love the way they look!

  29. I am eating one of these right now nom nom. Showed the recipe to my friend last week and her girlfriend made the cookies Monday. They are so good.

  30. Hi! I’m getting ready to try this for my boyfriend for Valentines day and I wanted to pair these strawberry cookies with some red velvet too, so that I get that real valentines feel. I was just curious if I could use this exact recipe for the red velvet as well(obviously with red velvet cake mix) the reason I ask is because other red velvet cake cookie recipes I’ve seen haven’t had vanilla extract or baking soda.

  31. Hello!
    Do you know of a substitute for the vegetable/canola oil? I don’t know that I have enough left for this recipe. i do have corn oil, and unsalted butter. Would either of those work?

  32. Hi Sally,

    I wanted to understand why you choose to specifically use “beat” v/s “whisk” for the wet ingredients”. What is the different?

    • Beating is typically done with an electric mixer. Whisking is done by hand with a whisk. I whisk whenever I can, but always use a mixer when there is creaming butter or other ingredients involved.

  33. These are AMAZING! I’m Canadian and have to go over the boarder to buy the cake mix but we go often enough.

    Seriously I was skeptical but you can make these in the easy bake oven and not mess them up! LOVE IT!

  34. how much of each ingridient was used?? I am confused.

  35. I just made these and they are amazing! For any one else looking for high altitude tweaks, I live near Boulder, Colorado and here’s what I did: increase baking temp to 375 degrees, decrease baking powder to 3/4 teaspoon, and add 3 tablespoons of flour. Non-flat high altitude cookies are a challenge, but these turned out perfect – very soft and chewy but just the right amount of crispiness on the edges!

  36. Made your red velvet version of these – amazing! I made them vegan by subbing a few spoonfuls of soy yogurt for the eggs. (The Duncan Hines cake mix I used was vegan, too.) Can’t wait to try this recipe with strawberry and other kinds of cake mix.

  37. I love butter! Can I use butter instead of oil?

  38. I made these and they turned out really soft and flat.

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