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January 2021 Sally’s Baking Challenge Recipe: Homemade Stromboli

Because maybe you’ve had your fill of sweets by now. 😉 You’ll have enough dough to bake a 2nd stromboli, a pizza, breadsticks, or you can freeze half for another time.


By emailing your recipe photo to us, you are automatically entered in the baking challenge. 1 winner receives a $250 Amazon Gift Card. We keep track of your photos and randomly select 1 winner at the end of the month. The challenge is open to the whole world. Visit the Sally’s Baking Challenge FAQ page if you have any questions about my baking challenges!

sliced stromboli

Let’s Review the December Baking Challenge

December 2020 Sally’s Baking Challenge Recipe: Stained Glass Window Cookies. I always try to choose recipes where your creativity can shine and the December Sally’s Baking Challenge was no exception. We saw an array of different shapes and candies used– snowflakes and Christmas trees, cookies in the shape of your home state, snowflakes, stars, wreaths, and more. Instead of Jolly Ranchers, some used melted candy canes or butterscotch candies, and others tinted their sugar cookie dough green and used red candies to make a Grinch-inspired heart. (I want to try that next year!) I also loved the gingerbread house stained glass windows and the reindeer cookies with a red stained glass nose. From sparkling sugar to royal icing, each batch of cookies was perfectly unique and it was clear that a lot of you had fun in the process. I think this was my favorite challenge of 2020!

One of my favorite recipe reviews came from reader Dorie:

“When I saw this recipe I was slightly intimidated by it, but you do such an excellent job Sally of breaking the recipe into steps, that it all came together beautifully! I’ve always made cookies that taste good, but aren’t beautiful. These cookies not only were very good, but they turned out beautiful! Thanks for the great and fun recipe!”

We gathered as many stained glass window cookies emailed photo entries as we could and included them below.

Challenge winner for December is Emily and she has been notified. 🙂

December Baking Challenge winner image of stained glass window cookies on a plate

Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. Well done to everyone who participated – so many creative ideas out there! And congrats to Emily 😀

    P.S. I also love the new Sally’s Baking Challenge logo 😉

  2. The collage of entry photos was beautiful! There needs to be Christmas music playing in the background while we scroll. Congratulations everyone.

  3. The cookies were all so beautiful, definitely a new cookie in our annual mommy daughter cookie baking blitz.
    Thank you

  4. Congrats Emily! The stomboli looks good and I’m going to make it for my college kids the first week so they have easy to grab meal/snack when they head to their rooms for remote classes.

  5. Congratulations to Emily, they look beautiful! All the cookies look wonderful. Can’t wait to try the Stromboli recipe. I used the leftover all butter pie crust to make jalapeño cheese roll ups as an appetizer for tonight! Have a Happy safe and Healthy 2021.

  6. Oh I am happy for Emily and every one good job enjoyed scrolling down the pic , and can’t wait to try the Jan. Recipe , and thank you Sally , it is encouraging to cook I love it .

  7. Dare I say I might like stromboli better than pizza?! This recipe is so easy to follow and absolutely delicious. We have made stromboli more than once this month and know that it will be made many more times in the future!

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