Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

Soft & fluffy sweet roll dough filled with juicy raspberries and drizzled with glaze.

Raspberry Sweet Rolls - these are so good! Soft & fluffy sweet roll dough filled with juicy raspberries and drizzled with glaze.

I made, what I consider, the most perfect breakfast sweet roll over the weekend and I am so very excited to share them with you today! Not only were they fun to photograph, they were SO incredible to eat and enjoy. Juicy, sticky, fluffy, sweet heaven.

Kevin’s mom and I spent our Friday night making sweet rolls. I’ve told you before, I’m a boring gal, but I really couldn’t think of a more perfect way to spend my evening after a long workweek. We decorated a Christmas tree and waited for the sweet rolls to rise. It was awesome. As we were kneading, rolling, cutting, and of course – taste-testing, I couldn’t help but kick myself in the butt. Why did I wait so long to make something like this? These rolls are SO fluffy, tender, soft, and oozing with sweet raspberry goo in every bite. I trust that you’ll be smarter than I am and dash to your kitchen right now to begin. 😉

Raspberry Sweet Rolls - these are so good! Soft & fluffy sweet roll dough filled with juicy raspberries and drizzled with glaze.

To begin, warm up some milk. I did so on low heat over the stovetop until the milk was lukewarm – be careful not to scald the milk. I didn’t use a thermometer, but if you choose to do so, aim for roughly 95F degrees. Pour the milk into a bowl of your stand mixer fitted with a hook attachment. Add your yeast and 2/3 cup of sugar. Stir it a little bit, cover, and walk away. You are testing your yeast for “proof” that it is alive and active with this first step. I checked the bowl about 10 minutes later  after I finished gathering the other ingredients for the rolls. If the yeast/sugar/milk solution has become frothy or bubbly, you have your “proof” that the yeast is alive. If not, the yeast is a dud. Toss it out and start over again with a new batch of active dry yeast. Our yeast was ready and good to go.

With the mixer running, add your softened butter – be sure it is not melted or too hard. Crack 2 large eggs, add them one at a time, then a touch of salt. Let the mixer run for a bit, which slowly breaks down the butter. Next, slowly add the flour, little by little. Mix for up to 10 minutes on medium high speed until a soft dough forms. I thought my mixer was going to break down as it jostled about for 10 minutes!

For the amount of flour: I used 4 and 1/2 cups because the dough was much too sticky with anything less. To test the dough’s readiness, poke the dough with your finger and if it springs back, it is good to go. After mixing for 10 minutes and then kneading by hand on a floured surface, the dough was ready to rise. Form the dough into a ball, and place in a lightly greased bowl. Cover with a dish towel and set in a warm place, until it doubles in size. We had the stove on earlier from warming up the milk, so we placed the bowl on the flat electric stove-top and went to decorate the tree as we waited. If you make these in the summertime, be sure it is not an overly humid day as the air’s moisture will have a negative effect on the dough’s rising. The dough took about 1.5 hours to practically double in size.

Get your roll on. Break out your rolling pin (and your ruler!) and roll that glorious ball of dough into a 12×18 inch rectangle on a generously floured surface. Trust me, it will roll out into a rectangle this large. Make sure the dough is completely uniform in thickness. Mix frozen raspberries with a touch of cornstarch and sugar. Frozen – yes, frozen. Fresh raspberries will be much too juicy and delicate for the filling, which is perfect since they are not in their prime this time of year. Frozen berries are the way to go – try blueberries or cherries instead. Pour the cold sugared raspberries over the large dough rectangle and tightly roll up.

Using your sharpest knife, cut into 12 rolls. This means the rolls were precisely 1.5 inches in thickness. Stuff the rolls into your baking pan, leaving space between each one so they have room to expand. Cover your baking pan and store in a warm place once again.

Baking with Yeast Guide

Reference this Baking with Yeast Guide whenever you work with baker’s yeast. I include practical answers to all of your common yeast questions!

Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

More waiting time – about 2 hours. That’s ok, there really isn’t much “work time” with this recipe – just more “wait time.” Alternatively, you could let the rolls rise overnight. See notes in the written recipe below. In this 2nd rise, be prepared for the berries to release their juices. The bottom of your pan will be FULL of a glorious sweet red raspberry juice, only to be absorbed in the baking process. It turns into an incredible sticky raspberry glaze over the bottom of the rolls.

The rolls only take about 25 minutes in the oven. Be sure to cover your rolls with foil– this is crucial to prevent the tops of your rolls from getting too brown.

Cool your rolls, in the pan, on a wire rack for about 15 minutes. I cooled mine overnight at room temperature so they’d be ready for their glaze shower first thing in the morning. Make your glaze. A simple combination of heavy cream and powdered sugar. Nothing else. Feel free to use half-and-half or milk. With either half-and-half or milk, keep in mind it you may need more sugar than I used to get the glaze to be as thick and creamy.

Homemade Raspberry Sweet Rolls | sallysbakingaddiction.com

Serve the rolls warm. I froze a few of mine (without glaze) to warm up and enjoy on Christmas morning. My mom was so excited to see a picture when I sent one to her of the finished rolls. She cannot wait to taste one!

These are incredible. The wait time, about 4 hours total, is a bit tedious but not too bad if you have other things to do around the house or let the rolls rise overnight to bake in the morning. Yeast, an ingredient requiring a ton of patience, is so worth it. There is quite simply nothing like a from-scratch, sweet, doughy roll first thing in the morning. The rolls are tender and fluffy, so soft and springy with each bite. And so darn puffy! Simply put, imagine the softest dinner roll you’ve ever tasted. Make them a little sweeter, add some sticky raspberries and creamy glaze and you can imagine what I’m trying to describe here.

I cannot even WAIT to make these into orange rolls, or use this recipe and make a caramel pecan filling. Or a simple cinnamon/sugar/butter filling. I just cleared the store shelves from yeast over the weekend so I can get crackin’ on all my sweet roll plans.

Raspberry Sweet Rolls


Raspberry Swirl Sweet Rolls

  • Author: Sally
  • Prep Time: 3 hours, 30 minutes
  • Cook Time: 25 minutes
  • Total Time: 4 hours (or overnight)
  • Yield: 12 rolls
  • Category: Breakfast
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: American


Fluffy, sticky, & sweet raspberry rolls. Follow my easy directions and become a master at sweet roll making!



  • 1 cup (240ml) milk
  • 2/3 cup (135g) granulated sugar
  • 1 and 1/2 tablespoons active dry yeast (2 standard size packets)
  • 1/2 cup (115g) unsalted butter, softened to room temperature and cut into 4 pieces
  • 2 large eggs
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 4 and 1/2 cups (562g) all-purpose flour, plus more for dusting/rolling (spoon & leveled)


  • one 10-oz. package frozen raspberries (NOT thawed)
  • 1/4 cup plus 2 Tablespoons (80g) granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cornstarch


  • 1 cup (120g) confectioners’ sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons (45ml) heavy cream (or half-and-half or milk)


  1. Make the dough: In a small saucepan, warm the milk over low heat until lukewarm (no need to use a thermometer, but to be precise: about 95°F (35°C)). Pour the warm milk into the bowl of a stand electric mixer fitted with the dough hook attachment (OR you can use a handheld mixer OR no mixer, but a stand mixer is ideal). With a spoon, manually stir in the sugar and yeast. Cover with a towel and let sit until the yeast is foamy, about 5-10 minutes. On low speed, beat in the softened butter until it is slightly broken up. Next add the eggs, one at a time, and then the salt. The butter won’t really be mixing into the mixture, so don’t be alarmed if it stays in pieces. On low speed, gradually add the flour. Once it is all added, beat on medium speed until a soft dough forms. Increase speed to medium-high and beat until the dough is soft and supple, about 8-10 minutes longer. *If you do not have a stand-mixer with a hook attachment, knead the dough by hand in this step.
  2. Transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface and knead it with your hands for about 2 minutes. Form the dough into a ball and transfer it to a lightly greased bowl. Cover the dough and let sit in a warm place until doubled in size, 1 to 2 hours. Here’s what I do: turn the oven on to 300°F (149°C). Turn the oven off. Stick the covered dough inside the oven and allow it to rise in this warm environment.
  3. Butter/grease/spray with nonstick spray the bottom of a 9×13 inch baking dish, then line with parchment paper. Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured work surface and, using a rolling pin, roll into a 12×18 inch rectangle. I used a ruler for accuracy. Make sure the dough is smooth and evenly thick, even at the corners.
  4. Make the filling: In a medium bowl, toss the frozen raspberries with the sugar and cornstarch. Spread the cold sugared raspberries evenly over the dough. Tightly roll up the dough to form an 18-inch-long log. Cut into 12 even rolls (about 1.5 inches in width each). Arrange them in the prepared baking pan, cut sides up. Cover the rolls and let them rise in a warm place until they are puffy, about 2 hours OR overnight (see note). The berries will release their juice at the bottom of the pan – this is OK.
  5. After the rolls have risen, preheat the oven to 400°F (204°C). Cover the rolls with aluminum foil and bake for about 25 minutes, until they are golden and the berries are bubbling. Transfer the pan to a rack to cool for about 15 minutes.
  6. Make the glaze: In a small bowl, whisk the confectioner’s sugar and heavy cream until smooth. Add more sugar or cream, depending how thick you want the glaze. Pour glaze over the rolls and serve warm. Cover rolls and store at room temperature for up to 2-3 days. Baked rolls can be frozen up to 2 months and warmed up to enjoy at a later date. Glaze them right before serving.


  1. Overnight Instructions: During the second rise, cover the sliced rolls and let sit overnight in the refrigerator before baking. In the morning, remove from the refrigerator and allow to rise in a warm environment for 1 hour (use your oven as noted in step 2 of the recipe).
  2. Reference my Baking with Yeast Guide for answers to common yeast FAQs.
  3. Adapted from Food & Wine.

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    1. Hi Nicole! Yes, I stated in the post above that if you do not have a stand mixer, you may knead the dough by hand. To mix the ingredients, a handheld mixer is preferred in lieu of a stand mixer. if you have no mixers, mix that by hand as well. Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

  1. I made these today and the dough was perfect. I started by adding 4 c of flour to my mixer and used almost 1/4 c more. The rolls came out too toasty on top and started burning on the bottom. Next time I make them I’ll bake them at 375 or 350 and bake them longer. Also I’ll add just a little more salt. Thanks for sharing

    1. SO glad Ellie! Did you cover the rolls as you baked them? That prevented my tops from getting too brown. I’m happy you loved them as much as we did!

  2. I hate photographing sweet rolls! You did a great job, though. 🙂

    And sweet rolls with raspberry sauce! Eeeee! I’ve never tried that combo but I know it has to be amazing! And like you said… orange?! Fantastic idea.

  3. I cannot believe I’ve never put fruit in sweet rolls like this. I’ll be honest, I saw this post last week but just haven’t had time to do any commenting but these have been stuck in my head – they are SO gorgeous. The color from the raspberries is amazing 🙂

    1. Well I am SO glad you are letting me know how much you like these sweet rolls, Heidi! I recently made another fruity sweet roll just like this to share on my blog next week. 🙂

  4. Made these for Christmas breakfast…and they were so beautiful and so delicious. I chose to splurge and make a butter/cream cheese icing and might add almond somewhere in the recipe next time…Thank you for a great recipe…and, strangely, we thought these tasted better the next day! Some sweet roll recipes don’t stay good a few hours after baking…getting dry, etc, but these were just perfect! I’m assuming due to it’s rich dough… Thank you! Because two splurgey breakfasts in a row was plenty, I froze the rest. I’ll be interested to see how that works….It would probably have been better to freeze them unglazed, but that wasn’t an option this time. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

    1. Hi there! I am so glad you made and loved these rolls – as much as I do. I actually froze them WITH GLAZE before too. And just letting them thaw and warming them up with the glaze recipe I used (without cream cheese) – they were perfect. But if you simply let yours thaw – they wll be fine. Of course they won’t taste as wonderful fresh, but they will still be wonderful. I liked mine the next day too – maybe not as much as the first day, but still great nonetheless. The dough is rich, yes. But also fluffy & soft. Thanks so much for letting me know you made and enjoyed these rolls!

  5. I do this dough recipe with one packet of yeast:) so yummy. And I use a cream cheese frosting from allrecipes.com, cinnabon cinnamon rolls. You should definitely try it!

  6. I am about to pop these in the oven… I am new to making yeast dough… Is there a trick to rolling it out evenly and in a rectangle? Also, mine rose so much over night they are bursting out of my baking dish… Is that ok? I’m not sure if I should adjust the baking time or not.. trial and error I guess! Well they smell and look great (even though I can’t roll out dough to save my life)

    1. Hi Ashley – I see your other comment but about rolling it into a rectangle… you REALLY have to work at it. Keep rolling and shaping with your hands as needed. It took me almost 10 minutes to get this into a perfect rectangle.

  7. Okay so part 2 of my experience.. baked them at 400 for 25 min and covered them with foil right off the bat. The edges still ended up over browned but the center was still raw and stuck to the foil.. (my oven may have hotspots… It is old and we just moved in a few months ago so I’m still learning it’s quirks) Nonetheless, they turned out extremely tasty!

    Also, it’s just my husband and I and our 2 + 4 year old so the whole batch is a bit much. Would it be possible to freeze half the unbaked rolls to make at another time? If so, how would I bake them when I needed them? (thawed or frozen? Temp and times)

    Lastly, this dough is incredible! Do you think you could post something on turning it into coffee cake? (also different variations such as cinnamon sugar, fruit and creamcheese etc) it seems like it would be fantastic but I’m not as baking savvy or creative in the kitchen as I would like 🙂


    1. Hi again Ashley! Here are my replies to your comment:

      1) I am SO glad you and your family love them. I just made them again last night but with a different filling. MY oven has hot spots too. The edges will always be more brown than the center. I can’t fight that! Darn oven. But my centers are always baked all the way through. I suggest reducing the oven temp down to 350 and bake (covered with foil) for 30 minutes next time since you have a pesky oven!

      2) I have no experience freezing the unbaked rolls and then baking after, so I can’t offer sound advice there. However, I have a freezer full of baked sweet rolls. They are not iced. I simply take a bunch from the batch I bake and freeze for later. Then, I let them thaw – warm them up in the microwave and drizzle on the glaze (if I want glaze!). They freeze wonderfully, for up to three months, after being baked.

      3) I love this dough as well and I’ve never thought to turn this into a coffee cake. In fact, the only coffee cakes I’ve ever made do not require yeast. ACtually, I have a coffee cake recipe coming in a few weeks (no yeast). I imagine these rolls would be fantastic as cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. Bake for the same amount of time but fill with 2 Tbsp softened butter, 1/2 cup sugar, 2 Tbsp cinnamon. 🙂

      Thanks Ashley!

  8. These are great! I made them with blackberries, instead of raspberries because I had none and they are awesome! The tart berries, the sweet dough, my goodness!

    1. Hi Cierra! Thank you so much and I’m glad you made these! I love the idea of blackberries. I made these with cherries on Friday and LOVE them! Will be posting those soon. 🙂

  9. WOW…. these were amazing! Love the tart raspberries with the sweet dough. Thanks for sharing the recipe! These will go into our favorite recipes file for sure!

  10. I made 2 pans of these for a birthday breakfast at my husband’s office. They were a grand slam, out of the park home run… and the extra glaze made it even better. Thanks for posting such great pictures and tips … I’m a fan.

  11. Hey Sally,

    I’m a new reader, I first ran into your giant cookie recipe and have yet to try them because I was distracted by THIS recipe! 😀 I made a batch last night to bake in the oven this morning and they were delicious! A few notes, I covered mine the whole time with foil and they never browned so I left them for 10 minutes uncovered, so I baked it for 35 minutes. Regardless of the extra time, they were amazing! Thank you for running a lovely blog 🙂

    – Aspiring Pastry Chef!

    1. Thank you so much for reporting back Angie! I’m so glad that you love these – they are definitely one of the best rolls I’ve ever made.

      1. I really did, as well as it being my first time working with yeast as well! Thanks for being detailed and helpful. I hope to try out all of your other wonderful masterpieces 😀

  12. Holy moly. Sally, these are AMAZING! My family really enjoyed the cake batter cinnamon rolls last month, and though I was contemplating making your new crumb coffee cake recipe for Mother’s Day, I ultimately went with these since I’ve been drooling over the pictures for weeks. They are every bit as wonderful as I’d hoped! And the aroma as I opened the oven…. ahhhhh! I made them the day before and let them rise overnight, which made for a fantastic breakfast with no work for me on Mother’s Day! 😉 Thanks so much for all of your outstanding recipes – I only found your blog last month but I am completely hooked.

    1. I am so glad to hear that you loved these Amanda!! Good choice for Mother’s Day. 🙂 Let me know what you make next. I love hearing about it! 🙂

  13. Hi Rebecca – that’s very odd, I’ve never heard that about these rolls. Especially with the amount of butter and eggs to the amount of flour. I’m guessing you may have kneaded the dough too long in the mixer? Or overbaked them? Other than that, I’m just not sure since I wasn’t there with you preparing them.

  14. These look amazing! =)
    Found your recipe on Pinterest, and just love it!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  15. I made them with wild blueberries for breakfast this morning. Same recipe, but I added a little extra corn starch. They were great! Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Sounds delicious, Kayla! Just like my blueberry sweet rolls – I just posted those today! https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2013/06/14/blueberry-sweet-rolls-with-lemon-glaze/

  16. Im cooking these rolls, and was wondering if convection baking would be best as I doubled the recipe and have to use 2 racks?

    1. Hi Synthia – I would lower the temp by 25 degrees and keep a very, very close eye on them. Convection baking may burn these easily if you don’t watch them.

      1. Thanks for the tip, I cooked them this morning at 375 for about 30mins on convection they turned out beautifully. I left them overnight to sit and they got super puffy!! Lol. I did the raspberry and I did blueberry, I have to say the blueberry ones were pretty amazing!! The raspberry were great as well. Great recipe, thanks I will definitely use this one again.

  17. Just made these rolls. They turned out amazing!! But I was so eager to put them in the oven that I forgot to put foil over them! Lol I realized it about ten minutes in and thankfully I was able to save them. So good Sally!! :))

  18. Hi Sally, I’m really excited to try these, but I’ve never baked with yeast before so I’m just a wee bit nervous! Just a question: is it possible to use jam instead of fresh berries? As much as I love to use fresh berries, they are just really expensive where I come from.

    1. Hi Charlotte! Just follow my instructions exactly and you will be fine! This recipe used frozen raspberries, not fresh. Do you have access to those? If not, you may use jam.

      1. Oh! I’ve always thought frozen berries in recipes just meant keeping your fresh berries in freezers! We don’t have those though, so I will stay with jam. Is there a need to thicken the jam with the cornstarch? Thanks so much for your help! 🙂

  19. I’m making these tomorrow morning and am SOOOOOO excited! Looking at your pictures, practically drooling over here 🙂

  20. I have been putting my raspberries from my garden in the freezer just so I could make this recipe. I made your banana raspberry chocolate chip bread – as always, anything I make from this site is a major hit when I share. SO I am going to add some mine-chocolate chips to the raspberry mixture, just before I roll up it up. Bonus – my DH doesn’t like raspberries, so I get as much of this as I want, although I am going to take it into work to share. I recommend your site to everyone. I just made a batch of your S’Mores Cookies – again, the DH wasn’t impressed (I don’t get it) but everyone else loved them.

    1. Hi P.J.! I am so glad that you love my website and the recipes have been a huge hit! I love that banana raspberry bread, and these raspberry sweet rolls. They are delicious! I love your idea of adding chocolate chips. I know they will be a huge hit!

  21. Hi Miranda! I am so glad to hear that you and your mom loves these rolls! They are truly my favorite breakfast. Ever. Well, one of my favorites at least! I’ve never had them with homegrown raspberries though. I can only imagine how tasty they are!

    Good luck with your new blog. We all have to start somewhere. I had no clue what I was doing when I first began. It takes time, hard work, and patience. Have fun with it!

    1. I’ve never added chocolate chips to the dough, so without trying it myself- I cannot tell if/when they could be added. I’ve added them to the filling and it was wonderful and worked out perfectly. Enjoy!

  22. Love these rolls! I made them yesterday and they came out perfect! Only thing I did different was that I made a cream cheese glaze instead of a regular one and they were so freaking good! Thanks so much for the recipe. Next time I’m gunna try them with blueberries!

  23. My husband bought me a Kitchenaid Mixer for Christmas. He loves Raspberry Sweet Rolls, so as a “thank you” I wanted to make some. I made these today as a test batch and everything turned out great! I used a little more raspberry, but everything else I kept the same. I can’t wait to bake these again for my husband when he returns from his trip!
    By the way, my husband also loves Golden Oreo cake batter brownies from this website. I can’t wait to try other recipes!

    1. Hey Nikki! What a wonderful Christmas present. I received my stand mixer 3 years ago for Christmas and it’s been the best tool in my kitchen ever since. You’re going to love using it! Happy you made these sweet rolls for your husband. Let me know any treats you try next!

  24. Thank you for the recipe. I’d made them yesterday and they turned out great! I had some red currants from my garden in the freezer, so I used those instead of the raspberries, I also substituted half of the flour with whole spelt, and only made a half batch – 8 rolls. After filling them with the frozen fruit I was really nervous, because nothing happened for more than hour, no rising, just the fruit melting. But then they puffed up in no time and two hours after filling they were ready for the oven and eventually got very big and fluffy and soaked all the juices from the currants! I’m definitely going to make these again, and maybe try another fruit for filling next time 🙂

  25. I made these last night and baked them off this morning and they are amazing!!! I used skim milk and a delicious strawberry jam for the filing (that’s what I had in the house and wasn’t going out in the snow:). They were perfect. I was a little skeptical at keeping them at room temp. all night. I’ve never sent that before- these kinds of rolls seem to always be refrigerated overnight and then brought to room temperature before baking- but, as I said, perfect! Thank you and can’t wait for the cookbook!!!

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