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Soft & chewy chocolate chip cookie cake, flavored with crushed graham crackers in the cookie dough, and layered with gooey marshmallow and sweet chocolate chips. 

s'mores chocolate chip cookie cake in a glass baking dish with a slice removed

s'mores chocolate chip cookie cake in a glass baking dish


s'mores chocolate chip cookie cake in a glass baking dish

Bake, slice, eat your heart out. Fork optional.

slice of s'mores chocolate chip cookie cake on a white plate with a fork

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3 images of s'mores chocolate chip cookie cake

S’mores Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

  • Author: Sally
  • Prep Time: 20 minutes
  • Cook Time: 25 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes
  • Yield: one 9-inch cake 1x
  • Category: Cake
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: American


Soft & chewy chocolate chip cookie cake, flavored with crushed graham crackers in the cookie dough, and layered with gooey marshmallow and sweet chocolate chips.


  • 1/2 cup (115g) unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
  • 3/4 cup (150g) packed light brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 large egg, room temperature
  • 1 cup (125g) all-purpose flour (spoon & leveled)
  • 1 cup (100g) graham cracker crumbs (9 graham crackers)
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 heaping cup marshmallow creme (Fluff)
  • 3/4 cup (135g) semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 3/4 cup (70g) mini marshmallows


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F (177°C). Spray a 9-inch pie or cake pan with nonstick spray. Set aside.
  2. In a large bowl using handheld or stand mixer, cream the butter and brown sugar together on medium speed. Beat for about 2 minutes until smooth and combined. Add the vanilla extract and egg, beating until combined. Scrape the sides of the bowl down as needed. Set aside.
  3. Toss the flour, graham cracker crumbs, baking powder, and salt together until combined. With the mixer running on low, slowly add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients. Mix until combined.
  4. Press 2/3 of the graham cookie dough into prepared pan. Spread the marshmallow creme on top. This will be tricky since the marshmallow creme is so sticky, but do the best you can to get an even layer. Sometimes I spray the bottom of a spatula with nonstick spray to spread it around. Sprinkle the marshmallow creme with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Mold the remaining cookie dough into flat pieces and layer on top of the chocolate chips. You won’t have enough dough to make one single layer, so some chocolate chips and marshmallow creme will be exposed. That is ok! You want to see the marshmallow on top. Sprinkle the top of the cookie cake with a few more chocolate chips on top, if you prefer.
  5. Bake the cookie cake for 25 minutes, or until the top is very lightly golden brown. Allow to cool for at least 30 minutes before digging in.
  6. The cookie cake looks and tastes best on the same day. I do not suggest making this dessert ahead of time for an event because the marshmallow becomes too hard overtime. If you need to make it ahead, leave out the marshmallows. They tend to expand and then deflate underneath the dough, which isn’t very pretty after several hours.


  1. Adapted from S’mores Cookie Bars.

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3 images of s'mores chocolate chip cookie cake

Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. Just made it with my girls…ridiculous deliciousness. Thanks for another home run!

  2. Hey sally! I made this today in my 9 in cast iron skillet! Oh it was amazing! I believe my friends words were *mother of god* lol
    Thanka for a awesome recipe!

  3. So this is my 2nd time making this amazing cookie!  I forgot to add the marshmallows at the right time but it was a beautiful mistake, lol. I baked it for 20 minutes, added another 1/4 cup choc chips and the marshmallows the last 5 minutes…then quickly broiling the top to a toasty brown. It turned out soooo very tasty and was perfect the next day as well!  Making it this time I accidentally discovered a trick I do with rice Krispy treats…..wet your hands and press out the marshmallow cream later. Works like a charm without the stickiness 🙂 Thanks for the AWESOME recipe, it’s my absolute fave!

    1. Great tip on the marshmallow cream! Thanks for reporting back Laura.

  4. My daughter requested this as her birthday cake this year. It was amazing, even more so because we made it together. 

  5. Sally! 

    I made this for my family today and they loved it. It turned out so well! The cookie melted in your mouth! Thank for sharing such and awesome recipe!!


    1. Hello! Can I substitute gluten free flour into this recipe?

      1. Hi Jasmine, we haven’t tested it ourselves, but feel free to give it a try if you’d like. The final taste and texture may be different. Let us know how it goes!

  6. Sally – guess what!
    I made 2 wonderful discoveries while making this cake: 1) You can assemble it (layer dough + Fluff + dough) and then freeze it ahead of time, then thaw and bake as needed.
    2) It tastes great with the addition of your two favorite food groups: peanut butter and sprinkles! I added a swirl of 2 Tbsp salted natural pb atop the Fluff layer, and folded about 1/4 cup of rainbow sprinkles into the graham cracker cookie dough before assembling and freezing.

  7. This is sooo good!! Made it twice & both times devoured quickly by my family & friends. Any idea if recipe can be doubled & made into a bigger cookie cake?

    1. Hey Julie! Doubling or tripling the recipe for a larger size works.

  8. Oh my goodness. I just made this last night for my family and it is soooooo soo good. I did try to reduce the sweetness but it still came out super delicious and cannot get enough of it. Thank you! You are amazing and I have never been disappointed with your recipes!!!

  9. Is marshmallow creme the same as marshmallow fluff? I have jar marshmallow fluff and make my own vegan version too… Is it okay to use that instead?

  10. Hi sally,
    Just wondering if you can melt marshmallows and use them as the fluff/cream? I’ve only got a day or so until this pud is needed and can’t really go out to get some fluff. 

    1. The strangest thing happens when you bake marshmallows in cookies and cookie cakes– they disintegrate and disappear as they melt down. So I strongly suggest the marshmallow creme.

  11. Could you replace the fluff with your marshmallow meringue, used in your s’mores cupcake recipe? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Erin! That’s a great question. I honestly haven’t tried it so I don’t want to say that it’s a definite YES or NO. I *think* it would be ok. If you try anything, please let me know.

  12. Could you line the pan with parchment paper for easy clean up?

  13. Can the recipe be doubled & made in a 9×13 pan? I have a lot of mouths to feed!! Thank you!

    1. Absolutely. I’m unsure of the bake time in a 9×13 though.

  14. This was amazing! Super easy and came out so well, my entire family (including myself!) loved it! Thanks for such a great recipe!

  15. Hi Sally, I know you said it’s not a make ahead dessert, but I’m wondering, can you make the dough ahead of time and just assemble everything when ready to bake?

    1. Yes, absolutely! You can definitely prep the dough ahead of time. Keep covered tightly and refrigerate for up to 5 days.

  16. Hi sally can I make this recipe and freeze it for 2 weeks

    1. I do not suggest making this dessert ahead of time for an event because the marshmallow becomes too hard overtime.

  17. Can you use your homemade marshmallow creme for the fluff here? Just do 1/4 of the recipe or whatever?

  18. Do you think marshmallow ice cream topping would work?

    1. I don’t see why not!

  19. Any way i could double this and make it in a 12 inch cast iron? The 9 is small for us lol.

    1. Hi Jennifer! The cookie cake would be a bit thinner if doubled and baked in a 12 inch skillet, but should turn out just fine. We’re unsure of the exact baking time. Let us know how it goes!

  20. 5 stars! This was so delicious! I loved the gooey texture and how the marshmallow gets a little crispy on the edges. Definitely keeping this to make in the future.

  21. Great easy recipe like the s’mores bars. This and the sprinkle funfetti cookie cake are two favorites!