Favorite Vanilla Buttercream

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Deliciously soft, creamy, and easy PERFECT vanilla buttercream recipe! sallysbakingaddiction.com

Finally! A completely separate post for the most common recipe in any baker’s repertoire: vanilla buttercream. This is my favorite vanilla buttercream recipe. There’s nothing fancy, crazy, or complicated about it– but the flavor and texture will certainly taste like you added something special.

But guess what? You didn’t. It’s our little secret.

Deliciously soft, creamy, and easy PERFECT vanilla buttercream recipe! sallysbakingaddiction.com


The word “creamy” doesn’t even do this stuff justice. But even though it’s supremely creamy, this vanilla buttercream holds its shape beautifully. So it’s perfect for piping even the most complicated and intricate designs.

I’ve used this vanilla buttercream more times than I can even fathom, but I love it most paired with chocolate or vanilla cupcakes. If you scale it up (slightly) you can use it to frost a layered cake, like I do with my white layer cake recipe.

Want to see how I use it to decorate cupcakes? That video is right here!


Deliciously soft, creamy, and easy PERFECT vanilla buttercream recipe! sallysbakingaddiction.com

Favorite Vanilla Buttercream


  • 1 cup (230g) unsalted butter, softened to room temperature
  • 4 - 5 cups (480-600g) confectioners' sugar
  • 1/4 cup (60ml) heavy cream
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • salt, to taste


  1. With a handheld or stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, beat the butter on medium speed until creamy - about 2 minutes. Add 4 and 1/2 cups confectioners' sugar, the heavy cream, and vanilla extract. Beat on low speed for 30 seconds, then increase to high speed and beat for 3 full minutes. Add up to 1/2 cup more confectioners' sugar if frosting is too thin or another Tablespoon of cream if frosting is too thick. Add a pinch of salt if frosting is too sweet. (I add 1/8 teaspoon salt.)
  2. Cover tightly and store for up to 1 week in the refrigerator or up to 3 months in the freezer. After freezing, thaw in the refrigerator then beat the frosting for a few seconds so it's creamy again.

Recipe Notes:

This recipe is enough to frost 12-16 cupcakes or one 9x13 quarter sheet cake. Follow these ratios for a 2 layer cake and these ratios for a 3 layer cake.

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And here is my favorite chocolate buttercream recipe!

Deliciously soft, creamy, silky, and easy PERFECT chocolate buttercream recipe! sallysbakingaddiction.com

Deliciously soft, creamy, and easy PERFECT vanilla buttercream recipe! sallysbakingaddiction.com


  1. CAN this  frosting  be left out of the fridge for a day? Or does it have to be kept refrigerated? I’m trying to frost some cupcakes but they will have to spend the night out of the fridge but I notice it have heavy cream and I worry, they will be ruined tomorrow. Thanks

  2. I made a double batch last week and its the best cupcakes I ever made. I just made a quadruple batch yesterday!! Can I use milk instead of cream in the vanilla buttercream recipe?

  3. Simply the best vanilla butter cream frosting! Your instructions were spot on. Beating it on high for three minutes and the additional salt made this recipie unique. It’s  A keeper. Thank you!  Cynthia 

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe. I made 422 cupcakes last term for a 10th anniversary celebration of a group that I run, and piped your buttercream into roses on top of each. There was not a single one left, and I saw many return-eaters! I make this all the time and have to run many kilometres to not look like a cupcake myself! But it’s soooooo worth it!

    1. Yep! Freeze for up to 2-3 months and thaw in the refrigerator. Before using, beat it for a few seconds so it’s creamy again.

  5. Hi Sally if I make this 2 days in advance and leave it in the fridge do I need to beat it again before I use it? Tks

    1. Yep! I recommend gel food coloring. Liquid food coloring is less concentrated; you usually need more of it to reach a desired shade. This can alter the texture of the frosting.

  6. Hi sally. I am one of ur new fans & absolutely love your work My question is even if I am following a recipe correctly, why do I feel little icing sugar crystals in the frosting? It’s not 100% smooth. Am I doing anything wrong or this is how buttercream icing is supposed to taste ?

    1. Hi Sumita! Thank you so much for visiting my website. If your frosting is completely smooth, try sifting the confectioners’ sugar a couple times before adding to the butter.

      1. I sift and put. It’s completely without any lumps. I personally find the frosting just fine but have got feedback that it tastes a bit as if sugar hasn’t mixed

  7. When you measure the powdered sugar, do you use the spoon and level technique or do you scoop it so its more packed? Also, if my frosting looks a little separated, do I need more powdered sugar? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim! When making frosting, I usually just scoop the confectioners’ sugar out of the canister/bag. It’s not as imperative to be mega precise with something like buttercream. I suggest adding more confectioners’ sugar if you notice the buttercream is separating.

  8. Hi, I found the buttercream very sweet after 1 cup of icing sugar so I didn’t add any more. Is it supposed to be very sweet? And my frosting is a bit soft.

  9. Dear Sally,
    I love baking and your recipes are 100% sure success! I just have a problem while doing my frosting: for as much as I mix I keep feeling the granules of sugar in it. I use confectioners sugar of course but for some reason I can’t cream it with the other ingredients..did it ever happen to you? I am invited to a bbq this week end and I wanted to bring your fudgy brownies..with sprinkles of course! 🙂

    1. Have you experimented with different brands of confectioners sugar? I have heard other readers say that some brands can do this. You can also try creaming the butter first (make sure it’s room temperature) and then slowly adding in the sugar. Hope this helps!

  10. I made the moist chocolate cupcakes today and frosted them with the vanilla buttercream frosting. Of course I had to taste test one completed cupcake and it was wonderful. Hope my group at church likes them tomorrow. I made two batches. One was regular size and the other mini. Will certainly be my go to recipe again.

  11. I’m using this frosting to decorate a cookie cake, how long would this frosting last unrefrigerated? Or would you recommend refrigerating the cookie cake?

  12. Hi Sally! I’m a huge fan of your recipes! Your blog is always my go-to! I see that you mentioned that this frosting pipes well; can it also be used to get a smooth frosting on a layer cake? Or should I add some shortening? Thanks!

  13. Hi Sally! My friend asked me to help her throw a DIY cupcake decorating birthday party for her 5-year-old daughter, and your blog was the first thing i thought of! 😉 Is this a good frosting recipe to use if i want a frosting that is stable/ not so runny? Also, can i add food coloring to make it more colorful and festive?

    1. Thank you for turning to my blog for the birthday party treat! This frosting is thick and pretty stable, awesome for decorating and holds food coloring well.
      By the way, a cupcake decorating party sounds SO fun!

  14. Hi Sally, let me just say one word DELECTABLE, these are the first cupcakes I’ve made that I didn’t have to change or add ingredients, they were so moist and the buttercream was so creamy, I did add a small drop of almond along with vanilla it just gives it a little oomph, I also added grated chocolate to the buttercream as I made the vanilla one this gave a cookies and cream look, love this recipe

  15. Hi, how many sugar cookies do you think one batch would frost? I’m planning on piping on the butter cream and adding chocolate chips to look like sunflowers!

    1. So pretty! Hard to say without knowing how large the cookies are, but I’d say this amount of frosting would frost 36-48 3-inch cookies.

  16. I was thinking of icing my pumpkin cookies with this – do you think I could add cinnamon to make it into a cinnamon buttercream? Would I need to do anything else except add a couple teaspoons of cinnamon to it?

  17. Hi Sally- I’m looking for a frosting for Christmas sugar cookies, roll-out cookie cutter type cookies. I prefer this type of frosting vs a royal icing type but wondering does this buttercream frosting crust or harden up? It wouldn’t be very thick but would it hold up to the cookies being packed & shipped do you think?

  18. Hello Sally I love your recipes. I have a question , can I pipe “grass” with this buttercream?w ill it hold the shape?
    Thank you .

  19. Love the recipe, but I am having a problem with confectioner sugar having a grainy taste to the icing. Do not know what I am doing wrong? Help!!

    1. I have this issue sometimes because I live in a warm, humid city – I find if I make the buttercream, refrigerate for a few hours and then beat it for a few minutes again before piping this problem is solved. Hope this helps!

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