Cake Batter Blondies.

If you like the taste of cake batter, you will love these blondies. No mixer, 1 bowl, 30 minutes.

If you like the taste of cake batter, you will love these blondies. No mixer, 1 bowl, 30 minutes.

These “reader favorite” blondies will change your life. I am constantly getting emails, messages, tweets, etc about this insanely simple (and sprinkly) recipe!

1 bowl. No mixer. You don’t need any baking experience.  You don’t need much time at all. 5 minutes to stir the batter, 25-30 minutes to bake, allow to cool and dig in. If you can stir ingredients in a bowl, you can make these blondies.

Dense, buttery, cake batter, sprinkles, and white chocolate. All in one little blondie.

Cake Batter BlondiesIf you like the taste of cake batter, you will love these blondies. No mixer, 1 bowl, 30 minutes.

I’ve probably made them over two dozen times since I came across the recipe 6 months ago. Yes, they are that good. I make them for every occasion. Everyone always wants a cake batter blondie. Or two, or three, or four. You get the point.

The ease of this recipe can be our little secret. ♥ 

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If you’re anything like me, then you love the taste of cake batter. Now you can have that exact taste in a bake blondie. Yes, your funfetti cake batter dreams have come true.

Who can resist all these sprinkles?

Cake Batter Blondies

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Cake Batter Blondies.

Makes 20 blondies. Blondies remain fresh up to 1 week stored covered at room temperature.


  • 1 box yellow cake mix
  • 1/4 cup vegetable or canola oil
  • 1 large egg
  • 1/3 -1/2 cup milk (less is better)
  • 1/2 cup sprinkles
  • 1/2 cup white chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 350F degrees.  Spray 11x7 baking pan with nonstick spray.

Combine first four ingredients in a large bowl. Add the milk slowly. You want to cake batter to be as dense & thick as possible. Mix in the sprinkles and white chocolate chips.  Pour into prepared baking pan, sprinkle a few more sprinkles on top, and bake for 25-30 minutes until edges are just turning brown.

Allow to cool for at least 30 minutes so the center sets, before cutting into squares.



*The blondies will look like they are not fully done because the center will be quite gooey, but that’s what you want! After about 30 minutes of cooling, they will be easy to cut using a serrated knife.

*Do not use BLACK sprinkles swirled into the blondies. It will turn the batter black before baking.

Recipe Source: Gracie @ Girl Meets Life

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132 Responses to “Cake Batter Blondies.”

  1. #
    Kaylaposted February 13, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    These look fab! But, I don’t have an 11×7 baking dish. Would either a 8×8 or a 9×9 work? If not, what else?


    • Sallyreplied on February 13th, 2014 at 4:50 pm

      9×9 would be perfect – add a few more minutes to the baking time.


  2. #
    Mattieposted February 15, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    Hi Sally!

    Just made these fun blondies tonight. They’re cooling as we speak, and I can hardly wait to dig in! :) Planning to take them to a family cookout tomorrow. Thank you for this fabulously easy (and delicious) idea. Love your blog by the way..have a great evening!



  3. #
    Sarah R.posted March 19, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    These were a perfect weekend baking project with my toddler! She loved dumping the cake mix, chips, and sprinkles into the bowl. They were absolutely delicious! Even my pregnant friend with horrible morning sickness was able to eat 2! Thanks for another winner. :D


  4. #
    Khushbuposted March 20, 2014 at 6:32 am

    Hey, How many people does this recipe serve? Thanks in advance! :)


    • Sallyreplied on March 20th, 2014 at 10:43 am

      This recipe makes 20 blondies.


  5. #
    Izzieposted March 27, 2014 at 9:15 pm

    Thank you for posting this recipe! I am now obsessed with baking after scanning through your website :)
    I just made these for a bake sale to raise money for my school’s foreign trip (it’s for the scholarships). They are cooling as I type!
    Instead of white chocolate chips because Kings doesn’t carry ones that are not made near nuts, I used Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips and their blend of toffee bits and semi-sweet chocolate chips and they taste delicious (from what the raw batter tasted like :p)!
    Can’t wait to sell them! They will most likely be a hit! <3


  6. #
    Izzieposted March 27, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    *UPDATE* just tried them and they are TO DIE FOR. Absolutely amazing. Thank you so much :) <3


    • Sallyreplied on March 28th, 2014 at 7:32 am

      I knew you’d love them!


  7. #
    Izzieposted March 29, 2014 at 11:29 am

    *2ND UPDATE* everyone who tried them said they were amazing! I have friends that are allergic to gluten and dairy but chose to eat them anyways, that’s how spectacular they are! Thanks again for sharing this recipe! :) <3


  8. #
    Amieposted April 10, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    OMG these are instantly addictive!! I used coconut oil and a 9 x 13 pan because it’s all I had. I added 5 minutes to the cooking time for whoever asked. They weren’t quite as dense as a normal blondie (maybe less milk next time!)

    a total win!!


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