Biscuit Breakfast Casserole

This biscuit breakfast casserole combines eggs, sausage, peppers, and cheese with buttery biscuits all in one dish. Switch it up by using your favorite cheese, herbs, and veggies!

Sausage egg and cheese biscuit breakfast casserole in a white baking dish

The definition of comfort food: sausage, egg, & cheese biscuit casserole. Like your favorite breakfast sandwich but all baked IN ONE DISH…!

This is the breakfast that keeps on giving because we’ve been eating the leftovers for dinner every single night. We’re baking it again for Christmas morning and I’m showing you exactly how to make it in today’s blog post. Bonus: you can prep it the night before!

piece of biscuit breakfast casserole on a white plate

Let’s Make Biscuit Breakfast Casserole

There are 3 layers:

  1. add-ins go on the bottom
  2. eggs + milk go in the middle
  3. biscuits go on top

This biscuit breakfast casserole is a total low-key breakfast where you can mix and match your favorite add-ins. I use feta cheese, red bell pepper (festive!), parsley, and sausage. Pre-cook the sausage or switch it up with crumbled cooked bacon. Ham would be fantastic, too! For the cheese, use your favorite. We loved feta in this dish, but shredded pepper jack, smoked gouda, or cheddar cheese would be AWESOME.

2 images of ingredients in bowls for biscuit breakfast casserole and pouring eggs into white casserole dish

2 images of biscuit dough in a bowl and biscuits on top of breakfast egg and sausage casserole before baking

Biscuit Topping

You have options here! You can make the biscuits from scratch or use canned biscuits. I obviously recommend homemade and the great news is that you only need a handful of easy ingredients like flour, butter, and milk. Stir everything together and roll the biscuit dough into rounds. The biscuit balls can be super sloppy because it’s the morning and we’re all tired. See mine as the example. They look like cauliflower but MAN ARE THEY GOOD.

  • I reduced down my buttermilk biscuits recipe for the topping. I swapped out buttermilk for whole milk because you’re using whole milk in the egg casserole. If you have it, you can use buttermilk in the biscuit dough.

Before baking, brush the biscuits with melted butter and sprinkle the entire casserole with fresh parsley, ground pepper, and extra cheese. This helps create an incredible crunchy biscuit crust.

zoomed in image of biscuits on top of breakfast egg and sausage casserole

Biscuit breakfast casserole in a white casserole dish

Make Ahead Breakfast

If you’re entertaining or just need a head start on tomorrow’s breakfast, prepare and assemble the entire biscuit breakfast casserole the night before. Remove from the refrigerator as the oven pre-heats, then bake for an extra minute or two. See my instructions. Serve with a little fruit salad to complete the meal. If it’s a special day and you run out of oven space, add some slow cooker cinnamon rolls to the feast. (→ Love those.)

You can also freeze the assembled biscuit casserole. See my instructions in the recipe!

a slice of biscuit breakfast casserole on a server being removed from a baking dish

Can someone make croissant-topped breakfast casserole and report back? Yum!

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piece of biscuit breakfast casserole on a white plate

Biscuit Breakfast Casserole

  • Author: Sally
  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 45 minutes
  • Total Time: 1 hour
  • Yield: serves 12
  • Category: Breakfast
  • Method: Baking
  • Cuisine: American


This biscuit breakfast casserole combines eggs, sausage, peppers, and cheese with buttery biscuits all in one dish. Switch it up by using your favorite cheese, herbs, and veggies!


  • 1 and 1/2 cups (12 ounces) cooked crumbled sausage*
  • 1 bell pepper, chopped (about 1 cup)
  • 1 and 1/2 cups crumbled or shredded cheese (I use feta cheese)
  • 10 large eggs
  • 1 and 1/2 cups (360ml) whole milk
  • 1 Tablespoon fresh chopped parsley or 2 teaspoons dried parsley
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper

Biscuit Topping

  • 2 cups (250g) all-purpose flour (spoon & leveled)
  • 1 Tablespoon baking powder (yes, Tablespoon!)
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup unsalted butter, divided (6 Tablespoons cold, 2 Tablespoons melted)*
  • 1 cup whole milk
  • topping: fresh ground black pepper, extra fresh parsley, extra cheese


  1. Preheat the oven to 375°F (191°C). Generously grease a 9×13 inch baking pan.
  2. Layer the sausage, peppers, then cheese into prepared pan. Whisk the eggs, milk, parsley, salt, and pepper together in a large bowl. Pour evenly over meat + cheese. Set aside.
  3. Make the biscuit topping: Whisk the flour, baking powder, and salt together in a large bowl or use the food processor. Add the 6 Tablespoons of cubed butter and cut into the dry ingredients with a pastry cutter or pulse several times in the processor. Cut/pulse until coarse crumbs form. Add the milk, then stir/pulse until the dough comes together. Dough will be very shaggy and a little wet. If it’s too dry, add another Tablespoon of milk. With floured hands, form the biscuit dough into about 20 1.5 Tablespoon size balls. They don’t have to be perfect or neat, see my photo above as an example. Arrange on top of the eggs.
  4. Brush the biscuits with 2 Tablespoons of melted butter and top with a sprinkle of fresh ground pepper, extra parsley, and extra cheese, if desired.
  5. Bake for 45-50 minutes or until the biscuits are golden brown on top. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 5-10 minutes before slicing and serving.
  6. Cover leftover casserole tightly and refrigerate for up to 1 week.


  1. Make Ahead Instructions: Assemble the casserole through step 3, then cover tightly with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and refrigerate for up to 1 day. Remove from the refrigerator, preheat the oven, then continue with step 4. The biscuits won’t be as crisp on top after sitting in the egg mixture overnight, so you can always prepare the biscuit mixture, cover tightly in the refrigerator overnight, then place on top in the morning before baking. You can also freeze the assembled uncooked casserole. Cover the casserole with plastic wrap, then a layer of aluminum foil, and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator, preheat the oven, then continue with step 4. You can also freeze the baked and cooled casserole. Cover the casserole with plastic wrap, then a layer of aluminum foil, and freeze for up to 3 months. Thaw on the counter or at room temperature and reheat to your liking.
  2. Meat: If it’s not pre-cooked, cook and crumble the sausage in a medium skillet before using. You can also use the same amount of cooked crumbled bacon or diced cooked ham.
  3. Cheese: Use your favorite. Feta cheese, shredded pepper jack, smoked gouda, or cheddar cheese would be great!
  4. Butter for the biscuits: 6 Tablespoons go into the biscuit dough and the other 2 Tablespoons will be brushed on top before baking. Make sure 6 Tablespoons of butter (for the dough) is cold and cubed and 2 Tablespoons (for the topping) is melted.
  5. Canned biscuits: Though I recommend homemade (yum!), you can use canned biscuits. Follow this recipe as written, subbing canned biscuits for homemade. If prepping the casserole in advance, place sliced canned biscuits on top of casserole immediately before baking. Don’t let them sit on the un-baked casserole for too long.
  6. Added flavor: Depending on the cheese and meat you use, there’s plenty of flavor in the breakfast casserole. If desired for added flavor, add a sprinkle of garlic powder, dry mustard, or smoked paprika to the egg/milk mixture.


  1. Just made the executive decision to make this for our Christmas breakfast! Thanks and merry Christmas.

    1. I’m so happy you will be making this! I hope you love it 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    2. Sherrie Ihlenfeldt says:

      I am prepping all the ingredients ahead of time to make at my sister and brother-in-laws the day after Christmas. Usually he and I make breakfast, so I wanted to do something special and he can add the final touches.

  2. I’m so glad you shared this recipe Sally!!!! I’ve been looking for a good savoury dish to make for this week amidst all the sugar…..and this looks perfect!!! Thank you!

    1. You are so welcome! I hope you enjoy this recipe 🙂

  3. If I used pre-made/can biscuits could I still add them the night before or would I need to wait and them the morning of?
    Thanks, Stephanie

    1. Hi Stephanie! I suggest the morning of.

    2. Hi Sally,

      I just made the base for this recipe and won’t have time for homemade biscuits. With the store bought is the cooking time still the same? I feel like they will get burned?
      Thanks and Merry Christmas!!

      1. Hi Erin! They shouldn’t burn, but you can turn down the oven temperature and tent the casserole with foil if you’re concerned.

  4. Sally, I love the casserole baking dish. Where can it be purchased? I may want to buy two. Looking forward to making this recipe for Christmas and Easter.

    1. Thanks Destiny! It’s by the brand Juliska in their “Berry & Thread” line. The classic 9×13 casserole dish.

  5. Do the biscuits get soggy sitting on the egg mixture overnight ? I would like to have this Christmas morning. I have always made the egg strata but this might be a nice alternative . Thanks so much and Merry Christmas

    1. They aren’t as crisp after sitting in the egg mixture overnight, so you can definitely make the biscuit mixture, cover tightly, and keep in the fridge then place on top in the morning. 🙂

  6. Hey Sally ~ are you able to use Gluten Free Bisquick mix also?

    1. I haven’t tried it, but I can’t see why not!

  7. Wow. This looks perfect as a New Years brunch. Prep night before and heat up the banish the hangover.

    1. YES! Such a delicious January 1st breakfast 🙂

  8. This looks yummy and I’m wondering if I eliminate the sausage for my vegetarian daughter, how it would turn out??

    1. Delicious! You could even swap in another veggie. You could sauté some mushrooms, spinach, or even add some cooked sweet potato cubes.

      1. Thank you, Sally!! Merry Christmas!

  9. Can the all-purpose flour be swapped out for gluten free flour? If so how would I go about doing that conversion. Thoughts?? This looks delicious and I am hoping I can tweak it to be low FODMAP/gluten free!

    1. Hi Katherine! I haven’t tested it, but I can’t see any issues using a GF flour for the biscuit topping.

  10. Sally, This looks really wonderful. I love these type dishes that you can make ahead especially for a breakfast or brunch with friends. I will be giving this one a try. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays!

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Happy baking!

  11. Just made this for a family brunch with the shaggy biscuits. Y-u-m-m-y – a 5 star recipe!

    1. Thank you so much for your positive feedback!

  12. I know I’m not alone in saying your savory recipes are some of my favorites! I will be making this this weekend and savoring every biteMerry Christmas!!

    1. I’m so happy to read this! Happy baking, Wendy 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  13. Janice - Salads for Lunch says:

    This looks like the perfect make ahead dish for Christmas morning, easy and delicious! Thanks for the idea Sally!

  14. Sherry gammon says:

    Looks amazing! We had a sally thanksgiving and it’s shaping up to be a sally Christmas morning! Thank you. Love your blog. With this recipe will unflavored almond milk work? We have a couple lactose intolerance here! Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Sherry! Almond milk should be fine, though it may have an impact on the texture of the biscuits. I think it’ll still taste great though!

  15. I love the baking dish you are serving it in! Where can I get one? Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

    1. Thanks Sue! It’s by the brand Juliska from their Berry & Thread line. 🙂

  16. I just finished baking 5 of your cookie recipes and came to check out your quiche recipe to prep for Christmas brunch. I think I will given this a go instead! I never leave a comment but you have become my most trusted baking resource. Thank you for sharing all your hard work. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Ni Nicole, Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! I hope you love this breakfast casserole and have a wonderful holiday!

  17. Do you think a vegetarian version would work, without the sausage? Would you suggest replacing it with anything? Thx!

    1. Hi Lori, A vegetarian version would absolutely work! You can simply leave the sausage out!

  18. Melodie Lillenberg says:

    I love your recipes Sally! I learn so much from your tutorials too. I can’t wait to use this recipe. I have always been able to download your recipes into my recipe app, Paprika. For the last few days, the application always quits when I try to download any recipe from your site, but I can download from other places. I don’t know why that is happening, but I thought I would tell you.

    1. Hi Melodie! That’s odd. I’ve never used the app before so I’m unsure of the problem. Can you contact them directly? Sorry I don’t have a more direct answer from you. My website is receiving a lot of traffic for the holidays, so I wonder if that’s causing an issue.

      1. Melodie Lillenberg says:

        Thank you for your response Sally! I did report it to the app. You do a great job! Your blog is my favorite place to go for recipes and tips on “How to…”. Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

  19. Same amount as the whole milk. 🙂

  20. Can I halve this recipe and bake in an 8×8 dish?

    1. Yes, you can! Enjoy!

  21. Made this today for Christmas breakfast and it was wonderful! Prepped it most of the way Last night and threw the biscuits together this morning. Debated about using canned biscuits, but making them using this recipe was quick & easy (not to mention delicious). Used cheddar cheese and a couple extra eggs to make it go a little further. This was the perfect breakfast and will definitely be our go to from now on. Thanks, Sally!

  22. Thank you Sally for this delicious recipe! Coupled with a fruit salad, this casserole was perfect for our Christmas Day brunch. I love the biscuit top…scrumptious! On another note, I’m super excited because my 14 & 11 year-old daughters gave me Sally’s Cookie Addiction for Christmas. As they said “It’s the gift that keeps on giving!”.

  23. I made this delicious egg bake over the weekend and it was a huge hit with the whole family, even the 2 year old and 1 year old gobbled it up! We make a lot of egg bakes and this one was a nice change from the usual.

    1. So glad you tried the recipe, thank you so much!

  24. Thanks, sally, this was perfect for Christmas morning! Our 1-year-old loves broccoli, so we did turkey sausage with broccoli, onion, and feta. (I cooked the onion and broccoli down first.) Such a great recipe!

  25. I wanted to make this using canned biscuits — most are sold in 16 oz containers, pre-sliced as 8 large biscuits. Would you advise leaving as is or should I break each slice in half and re-roll, to better approximate the picture you’ve included? Thanks!

    1. Either way will be fine– as 8 large biscuits or rolled up as pictured. Let me know if you try this recipe!

  26. Hi Sally! I’m planning to make this for breakfast tomorrow for me and my little family but I’m all out of all purpose flour and won’t be going to the store before tomorrow morning so I was wondering, do you think it would turn out OK if I subbed bread flour for all purpose?

    1. Hi Stephanie! Bread flour should be just fine for the biscuit topping. Let me know how it turns out!

  27. Delicious! I used bacon and doubled the amount of green peppers. It was a hit with my whole family.

  28. This was quick and so easy to make! I made it for a work breakfast and it was a hit! Everyone loved it! I did use the store bought biscuits (sorry I cheated on that) I look forward to making it again! Thanks for all of the amazing recipes Sally!

  29. Mary Cowells says:

    Adding sausages could add more flavor in the casserole and I like the idea of the biscuits since it could give an additional texture when you bite into it. This can be served not only for breakfast but for snacks as well.

  30. How long will the biscuit mix last in the refrigerator if sealed tightly?

    1. Overnight or up to 12-16 hours.

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