Here’s the BEST Way to Ship Cookies

chocolate butterscotch cookies and butterscotch pretzel chocolate chip cookies

In our deeply divided country, this month will go down in history. Regardless of who you stand behind, I sincerely hope and pray that you can lift up the good in our nation as a whole and, most importantly, within each other. This is not a space for politics or hate, but a place for compassion… and cookies. Cookies are what we can all agree on!

Here is the #1 question I am asked during the holiday season: what is the best way to ship cookies? Without breaking? And remaining fresh? First of all, there you are demonstrating compassion. I love it. There’s no better way to spread love than with homemade food. Plus, who doesn’t want to receive a box of goodies on their doorstep? After a couple years of trial and error (and broken cookies), I’ve found that there’s actually a very simple way to successfully ship cookies to loved ones. The cookies won’t bounce around or break and will arrive as fresh as can be.

The secret is… a sandwich.

stacks of two cooled cookies placed together back to back

But not your typical turkey club or roast beef sandwich– a cookie sandwich without the filling. Two cookies, back-to-back.

What now?

cookies wrapped in plastic wrap for shipping

How to Ship Cookies

Place two cooled cookies together back to back. Wrap each sandwich up individually and tightly. I know this uses a little extra plastic wrap but you really don’t need much per cookie sandwich. Wrapping the cookies up, back to back, will keep them sturdy and confined, safe and strong. Unless the cookies are very soft and falling apart in your hands, they shouldn’t break or tear during the shipping process because they are confined and have the support from the cookie beneath it.

Place all of the wrapped sandwiches into a tin or Tupperware container. Stuff the tin or container with tissue paper (I’ve purchased this set of Christmas colored tissue paper– it’s great), crumbled newspaper, or packing peanuts to keep the cookies snug. Place the tin or container into a shipping box and use more crumbled newspaper or other shipping materials if needed. Then send off!

cookies packaged for shipping in plastic wrap with tissue paper in a tin box

What Are the Best Cookies to Ship?

I find that cookies without chocolate drizzles and/or frosting are best to ship year-round. Stick to drop style cookies such as:

Decorated Cookies: If you’re sending decorated sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies, make sure your royal icing is completely set before sandwiching and wrapping. If you’re shipping cookies during the cooler months, chocolate dipped or drizzled would be just fine. Be careful with these in the heat of summer, though.

Here are all of my cookie recipes. I have hundreds to browse and choose from!

Which cookies don’t ship well? Use your best judgement here. Any delicate cookies or cookies that require immediate refrigeration aren’t ideal for shipping. (Macarons, lace cookies, etc) Stick with sturdier cookies.

What About Blondies, Brownies, and Bars?

Bars/brownies are another wonderful homemade treat to ship. I suggest wrapping each bar individually to preserve freshness, softness, and chew. Remember, pack them into the tin or tupperware container tightly. Some suggestions:

Some Favorite Cookie Tins

Here are some of my favorite cookie tins you can use for shipment. These are also great options for storing holiday cookies or gifting to neighbors and nearby friends and family.

2 images of cookies packaged for shipping in plastic wrap with tissue paper and cookies after baking

It’s all pretty simple, right? Go send some love!

Cookies pictured above: butterscotch pretzel chocolate chip cookies and butterscotch toffee chocolate fudge cookies.

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Q: How about you? How do you usually ship goodies?


  1. Juliane @ Beyond Frosting says:

    I love that tip of the back to back cookies! 

    1. Juliane, I am trying this back to back shipping method tomorrow by sending chocolate chip cookies and crackers to my granddaughter in College. Hope it works!

    2. This is such a great idea!!! Your cookies look amazing!!!!!I love your blog!!!!
      Ellyne Dombro

    3. In World War II my Mom and my Aunts would send cookies overseas. They would pack them in uncooked popcorn. Then the men could also pop the corn after finishing off the cookies.

      1. That’s an excellent idea Connie. Thanks for sharing that story!

      2. What a great story! And i love that they got 2 treats out of the deal!!!

  2. Love this post! I’ve been wanting to send some XXL death by chocolate cookies to my friends for a while. But I was thinking of writing happy birthday on them with some royal icing. Do you have any suggestions on how that would work?
    Also, do you have tips for shipping toffee?! I’d like to send some salted almond toffee to my friends for their anniversary.

  3. Sharon K (The Farm Chick Bakes) says:

    Hi Sally, sorry this is a late response to a blog of yours but I’m just catching up! GREAT stuff about shipping cookies as I think about my ‘move’ across PA and will probably be doing this next year to my Dad. So, here’s my question, and I apologize if one of the responders above already asked this (I didn’t read everyones)…what is your recommendation for shipping freshly made pies? Have you ever? I’m assuming Dry Ice containers of some sort? How do I go about getting the packing material, etc…? Thanks!

  4. I’m not the only one that does this! My grandma taught me this and it works like a charm! I also stuff it with more tissue paper (as the box allows) for extra cushion. No one wants crumbly cookies! As always, great tips Sally!

  5. How would you say the best way to ship Pound cake or breads would be?

    1. I’d wrap the loaf up very tightly with a few layers of plastic wrap, then place in a fitted tupperware container and into a box (with packaging materials so it does not shift around). Or you can slice it and wrap each slice individually too.

  6. These are wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing, Sally!

  7. Thank you for sharing your secret to safely shipping cookies. It worked perfectly.I was so happy and relieved  when I heard the cookies made their way to their final destination with not one broken cookie. I kept envisioning the cookies needing to be eaten with a cup and spoon. Do you happen to have a way to ship cookies with a sticky frosting? There was a cookie I wanted to make but didn’t think they would travel to well. 

  8. This method works GREAT! I shipped the maple cinnamon stars following this method and not one star tip cracked off. Amazingly helpful, Sally, THANK YOU.

    I shipped frosted cookies and powdered-sugar-dusted cookies too. They all arrived looking (and tasting) as if just baked!

    Also, note to others: don’t be skimpy with the plastic wrap. You poured your heart and time into making these cookies, so wrap them lavishly and maintain their freshness! :o)

  9. Can you do a baking basics on how to make a simple buttercream frosting? I always have trouble finding the perfect balance between sugar and cream and I would love having some tips and tricks!! Thanks so much!

  10. Hi!
    I love your site and your recipes!

    I was wondering how the best way to ship snicker doodles.   They’re a bit delicate, I know, but if you have any tips, that would be awesome! 

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Hannah! Same method as explained above. They’re definitely soft cookies, but will hold up this way.

  11. Maybe it’s a silly question but when mailing cookies, what is your window for freshness? If you baked them in the morning and mailed them at lunch time with a 1 day express, isn’t that really only going to give your consumer a day or so to eat the cookies? Or do they stay fresher than a couple days when packaged like that?

    1. Cookies usually stay soft for 1-2 weeks, so plenty of time!

      1. Kaye Littledike says:

        What cookie would stay fresh for 2 weeks?

  12. Hi Sally!!  I appreciate the info on how best to send the cookies!!  I use your recipes all the time, and everything I bake is always a hit, so I am confident that my cookies will make it to their destination safely!!  However, I did have a question for you.  This was the first time I had mailed baked goods.  I mailed 3 dozen cookies at the UPS from MD to CA, and was shocked that it cost $60 to get them there within 2 days.  Would you say the normal cost?  Or is there a more affordable place to go?  Thanks!!

    1. I’m not the best at logistics and I’ve paid more than that for the same quick ship time! If anyone knows a cheaper option, chime in. 🙂
      I’m so glad you enjoy my recipes, too!

      1. Two of my sons recently moved to CA (I live in PA) and I recently shipped cookies for a birthday…The cheapest way to ship across the country seems to be flat rate priority shipping. There are multiple box sizes available from the post office for FREE and the boxes are also available online through USPS for free. The shipping rate is the same (determined by box size) regardless of where you are shipping in the US. I think I spent around $14 to ship cookies!

      2. USPS 1st class is the least expensive way to ship. UPS costs considerably more to send small-to-middle-sized-packages.

    2. Use USPS. They have a bunch of various sizes of flat rate boxes that are about 13 dollars. and would likely fit that many cookies. Even having to ship two boxes would totally beat that price! And the flat rate boxes are two day shipping anyhow, so its not like you are paying to rush them.

  13. If cookies are being sent overseas I was always told during my husband’s time in the military that packing cookies with a slice or two of bread in the container helped keep them nice and soft. Between the heat and the longer time from shipment to delivery it seemed to help quite a bit. 

    1. LOL. I just saw this after asking Sally basically the same question….so…you put a slice of bread in there? Just unwrapped? Or is it wrapped WITH the cookies?..sorry I just need to ask…….

      1. I always put a slice of bread in my tupperware containers with cookies. The bread dries out and the cookies stay fresh. 🙂

  14. Thanks for the great tip sally…just discovered your website today and loving it!!!thanks!

  15. May I say the back to back idea is great….I’ll use that one Thank you…….um…is there a way to keep them soft tho and not stale and hard?….like….not too soft but you know…delish and fresh tasting rather than hard and stale? Will the plastic wrap keep them from getting too hard?  I have some of those small food item “vacuum” bags …do you think that will work?
    Thank you!

    1. If you slightly underbake the cookies, they’re more likely to remain soft during shipping. That’s what I always do!

  16. Alexis Denius says:

    Do you think soft chocolate cookies would make a trip to Japan safely if packed this way? My brother is in the Marines and I would love to send him and his battle buddies some homemade cookies but not sure if they would make it there without being a giant crumble when they arrive.

    1. Hi Alexis! While I can’t guarantee anything, any soft cookies I’ve shipped this way have survived the trip!

  17. do you have any idea about shipping cupcakes? It seems to me that they wouldn’t make it! I’ve had several people ask if I could ship them cupcakes and I wouldn’t know where to begin!! Thank you!!

    1. That is an excellent question, but I have never attempted to ship cupcakes! If you figure it out I would love to hear the solution!

  18. Can you tell me the best way to ship crackers? I make these fire crackers with saltine’s and I want to make sure they arrive not broken. I’m thinking to first pack them in a ziploc bag, then maybe put them in a plastic container of some sort? I just do not want them to get stale or to break. Any suggestions??

  19. Hi Sally! Have you ever tried using a food saver to seal them? If so, did it make them last longer? My husband is deployed and it takes about 2 weeks to get packages to him but I’ve heard vacuum sealing them is supposed to keep them fresh longer.

    1. Hi Rachel, I haven’t tried using a food saver but I would imagine that it would help! And thank you to your family for your service <3

  20. Hi Sally,
    Love your recipes. You are the best. Was wondering if you’ve ever shipped a giant (10”) iced or frosted cookie?

    1. Thank you Renee! I actually haven’t. I’d be much too nervous that the frosting would smear and create a huge mess. The only thing with icing that I’ve ever shipped are sugar cookies with royal icing, which, of course, has set.

  21. Geraldine C Martz says:

    I have a drlima. My participant insists on mailing no bake cookies. Do you have any suggestions? Other than wrapping them individually. Thank you!!

    1. Hi Geraldine, if they are similar shape (for example, like these: I would package them the same way as described here!

  22. Thank you for these great tips! My son just moved into college and I want to send cookies to him and his new friends! I knew I could count on you Sally…

  23. Natalie Jackson says:

    Sally, will this really work for decorated sugar cookies WITHOUT any padding? I would love to try this method but I am scared I would do all that hard work and the person receiving the package would have a bunch of broken cookies. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Natalie, If your cookies are a more delicate shape or you are worried about it, you can definitely add a layer of bubble wrap (or similar) between the rows to be sure they arrive safely!

  24. Hi Sally! I love all your tips, thank you! Is there a more eco friendly option than all that plastic wrap. I’m trying to eliminate single use plastics from our home, but my husband is in the military and I’ve a feeling I’m going to need to start shipping baked goods soon. Thank you!

    1. Hi Stephanie! None that I’ve successfully tested, but I totally understand the desire to reduce waste. How about lining the cookies in layers in a tight-fitting container or tin? A few may break, but of course they will still taste delicious.

  25. Thank you for all of your tips. I have a question: Is it better to bake frozen cookies or let them defrost first? I could not get all the ingredients I need with this to send my son his favorite cookies for his birthday. Thanks again!

    1. I usually bake frozen cookie dough balls– works like a charm! Here’s how to freeze cookie dough (and bake the cookies, too!).

      1. Thank you. Sorry, I meant to ask if it is better to ship frozen cookies that have already been baked or to let them defrost before shipping them? Thank you for your assistance.

  26. Hi, Sally!
    I thouroughly enjoy your blog, recipes and tips! I discovered that airpopped popcorn works wonderfully as “packing peanuts” and is edible! Just a tip for easy packing. If one was vacuum sealing, a small piece of bread (and I would use a cookie cutter to cut out a fun shape, like a heart) could be sealed with the cookies to be used on the other end for freshness…

  27. Thank you for the cookie shipping tip. I’m excited to try this. I’m sending my twin grandsons chocolate mummy cookies for Halloween and was concerned about breakage.

  28. Thanks for these tips!!! I used to send cookies to my brother when he was a Marine stationed in Afghanistan. Needless to say, my cookies went on quite a journey! They traveled for approximately 2 weeks before arriving! One of the tips I used was to take old Pringle’s cans (washed, of course. They can go right in the dishwasher!), and stack the cookies inside, freeze overnight, and then send. My brother said they always arrived perfect and fresh. 🙂

  29. Christine Paull says:

    Thank you, Sally! I started making and sending cookies when I was 14 years old. My brother, serving in Vietnam, when he got the cookies, got them intact using your method! The reason, I said, when he got them, many times, he got an empty box! Yes, the other guys serving, ate them! I got very unusual letters from strangers requesting more cookies in 1968-1969 and 1970!

  30. Hi,
    My daughter is in Uni in UK, I’m home in the Falklands. She loves Cayenne Butter Cookies which are quite crisp, will this method work for those and can I send them in a cardboard box as tupperware is expensive here if you can get it at all.

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