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March in Photos.

Candy Recipe in Sally's Candy Addiction Cookbook

The month of March came and left in about 20 seconds. And somehow I did all of this.

First, omg. I finished my MANUSCRIPT! I didn’t sleep for about a week.

Strawberry Buttercreams in Sally's Candy Addiction Cookbook

Above: strawberry buttercreams. Above above: a chocolate full of chocolate.

Both recipes are in my new cookbook, Sally’s Candy Addiction. Pre-sale for the book has officially begun! This you might already know. But what you don’t know is that after I handed in the manuscript, I took a week off from the kitchen, drank champagne for lunch, slept for about 4 days straight, and bought myself some new shoes that scream warm weather. Look at them! I got them in yellow.

I bought the seriously sunny shoes the day it snowed 5 inches.

March Blizzard

And then I made honey sweetened strawberry lemonade, which scared all the snow away. No, really. It all melted the next day. Never underestimate the power of… lemonade.

Strawberry Lemonade

Visited Chaddsford Winery with my bud Amy. Fondue, live music, wine flowing, sun shining. Hellooooo spring!

Winery Visit

SOMEONE turned 7 this month! Hey Jude.

Jude Walk

I surprised Kevin and myself by making a gluten free fruit tart with a crust made from only 2 ingredients that actually tastes really, really good.


An issue of People magazine I’ll certainly be keeping forever.




People Mag

In the magazine, I share an exclusive recipe for sunshine-sweet, bright ‘n flavorful Glazed Orange Pound Cake. The April 6th issue is currently on stands.

Britney’s on the cover. Maybe she reads my blog now? Hi Britney Spears. Your concert was the first I ever went to and, at age 14, I knew the dance to You Drive Me Crazy.

People Magazine

To end the month, we celebrated my sister Sarah’s bridal shower in St. Louis. Their big day is June 20th in Baltimore (where she and Charlie met).

Sarah's Shower-4

The calendar sugar cookies with a heart around the wedding date were one of my favorite details. I mean, really. Look how cute.

Sarah's Shower-2

Good food, friends, family, laughs, presents, mimosas!

Sarah's Shower

GREAT desserts. (I didn’t make them.) The raspberry crumb bar with some shortbread crust that tasted like dreams was my favorite. Should I make them? I think I should make them.

Sarah's Shower Weekend-4

And finally, meet Sasha. She’s Sarah’s teeny tiny maltipoo, about the size of Jude.


She’s 7 pounds, which is about 1/18th the size of Jude. Little miss Sasha is 10 and enjoys being held like a baby, rolling over your hairbrush to scratch her back, and sleeping on your pillow dangerously close to your head.

Sarah's Shower Weekend-2


Q: What was your favorite part of March?

Q: What are you looking forward to this spring? 



  1. Congrats to your sis! What color will you wear on her big day? BTW, I loved her dress. it seriously is as pretty as the one you chose for your bridesmaids!

    and Sally if you can somehow recreate the raspberry bars…OMG- I will be exploding with happiness. I cant think of any person who doesn’t like raspberry and shortbread combo!! 😉

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful March. 🙂 Jude is so adorable; I can’t even handle it. I’m beyond excited for your new cookbook to come out!

  3. Where DID March go? I can’t believe it’s really April. I am happy for the Spring weather though! So funny.. I’ve been buying some new “Spring” shoes too! Just can’t resist! I also tried on bathing suits…. SO was NOT ready for that lol. Too much potato soup this Winter! And I’m not sure I’ll be loosing anymore with your new cookbook coming out! Congrats again on your feature in People!

  4. I am so going to buy your new book and make lots of beautiful chocolates and pretend like I am Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp is madly in love with me because of my (your) mad chocolatier skills. That’s what I think to myself every time I see these pictures of the chocolates from your new book. You are feeding my delusions. But oh it’s a yummy delusion.

  5. Congrats on People and congrats to your sister on her upcoming wedding! I too, had my bridal shower in March!! And a little lake house bachelorette party, too. 🙂 That weekend was by far my favorite part of the month. 🙂 Makes you really take a step back and just reflect on all the amazing people you have in your life. Friends and family are so so important!
    Looking forward to warmer weather and wedding season 😉

    • Happy belated shower and bachelorette! I know exactly what you mean. Having all those loved ones come together and travel just to celebrate you is incredibly touching. I had the BEST time at both events!

  6. Hi Sally! My favorite part about March was celebrating my daughter’s 3rd birthday! Sometimes I look at the little person she’s become & I can’t believe how the time has flown by. I know she have to grow up, but I wish she would just slow down a bit! 🙂
    Can’t wait for the candy cookbook…am going to look into the preorder. Congratulations!

  7. I saw your highlight in People Magazine and was so excited! You taught me how to bake 🙂

  8. Just now getting around to reading my email’s. Soooo behind. Love your post for March, as usual. You are such a busy girl but I enjoy reading about everything that you do. Congratulations on your new book and the article in People Mag. Your recipes are always yummy and I appreciate it so much that you allow us to “pin” things. I looked for but didn’t see a picture of your yellow spring shoes. All of your pictures are great. Loved the winter pic of the tree. Thanks for all that you do.
    Fondly, R

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