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Better Late Than Never!


My inner child went ballistic dyeing Easter eggs this week. Easter sort of snuck up on me so I didn’t have a chance to go glitter wild until the other day.

In other news: glitter is permanently encrusted into the tile floor.


easter eggs

cheddar chive deviled eggs


breakfast casserole easter

jude easter

more sprinkles cup from target

My friend’s daughter gave this to me. ↑ ↑ It’s small– probably for a child– but who the heck cares when it’s this cute?!

How was your Easter by the way? Mine was quiet and relaxed at my parents’ house, but nothing short of fabulous. On the menu: walnut crusted chicken with homemade honey mustard, ham, wild rice, fruit salad heavy on the mango , roasted veggies, green beans & carrots, honey butter rolls, and cheddar chive deviled eggs. If deviled eggs are your thing, try adding cheddar & chives to the mix. You’ll need the yolks from 6 eggs, then mix in 1/3 cup mayonnaise, 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese, dash of white vinegar, Dijon mustard to taste (usually only 1 teaspoon for me), chives, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. Sometimes I do half mayo and half greek yogurt– so 2-3 Tablespoons each.

With the leftover Easter ham, I made another easy make-ahead breakfast casserole. I left out the sausage and spinach, but added bacon, the diced ham, and goat cheese on top. This is my favorite dish to make each week because it uses up leftover meats and veggies– I’ve done it with leftover cooked ground turkey, kale, and cooked + diced sweet potato too. It’s easy! And you can prep it all the night before.

It was also Jude’s 8th birthday this week!

judes bday

More March photos are on my photography blog today too!

Coming up: a recipe out of Shelly’s new cookbook and spring CUPCAKES! What are you up to this weekend? We’re celebrating my friend’s birthday tonight then heading to Maryland for Kevin’s bike race tomorrow.

Make it a memorable weekend! xoxo


  1. Jude is so adorable in that hat haha happy birthday!! I’m up feeding my youngest a bottle, so I figured I’d catch up on some of your posts in peace while the rest of the house is asleep 🙂 I love deviled eggs, so I can’t wait to try a new version! Oh! And those ham and cheese pockets are calling my name!! You’ve outdone yourself. Have a safe weekend!!

  2. Sally, it’s my birthday today too!

  3. Your eggs are beautiful. So worth the glitter floor. 

  4. Yay! I’m so glad you did your glitter eggs! The cheddar chive deviled eggs that you made look totally fabulous too!

  5. OMG, Sally!! You made the glitter eggs!! Whoop whoop! Aw, so sparkly, so adorable. I mean, who can really help themselves from smiling when they see these eggs? 
    Also, that “More Sprinkles” cup? So cute! My nephew has that cup, but instead of sprinkles, picture robots. Haha. Of course, his Grams has already commandeered it. Look at all of us adults, stealing these kiddos’ things. Haha. Have a great weekend Sally! Good luck training for the broad street run!

  6. I love the pictures of Jude, but that picture of him with the Easter food in the foreground really shows what a big boy he is!  Does he ever counter surf?  Do you give him any/much “people food”?

    Happy birthday, Jude!

    • He’s actually very well behaved when it comes to counter food and won’t grab anything off it. Since, yes, he’s at the same height! We rarely give him people food and if I do– it’s just a small piece or two of leftover meat. And peanut butter, of course.

  7. Love the glitter on the eggs. That cup is awesome cause sprinkles Rock! 

  8. Hi sally, I loved your pics. Can u tell me how you or your mom made the asparagus? They looked amazing.  Enjoy your Sunday.  I hope u make Jude some nice treats

    • Tossed it in some olive oil and roasted for about 15-18 minutes at 375. Add a little sea salt and pepper. So easy.

  9. Your eggs look so girly cute! 🙂 Dyeing eggs is fun! Here it’s Boyfriend who demands it every year, it’s an Easter tradition for us to be dyeing eggs and coming up with artistic new colour combinations 😉

    Happy Birthday to Jude!! He’s such a big boy 🙂

  10. SO glad you relented and dyed the eggs!  And didn’t they just taste better too?!?!!  Love the glitter, love the cup and love Jude.  HB Jude – many, many more.  He looks like he is a great helper.

  11. Hi Sally

    This weekend, we celebrated mine and my twin sisters birthday.
    Tomorrow is our birthday 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday Jude!! And Sally, I totally know what you’re saying about the glitter. I have a collection of 16 bottles of glitter and I’ve found it all over my house, from the carpet to in food (!!) to in my ear…??? I love your eggs!

    • We went out to dinner last night and my friend told me I had glitter on forehead and wondered if I still use glitter make up. It’s everywhere!

      • That’s hilarious–my friend told me I had glitter on my forehead just today!! 🙂

        Also, in case you were wondering, I’m the girl you met in Philly on your book tour at the Word Bookshop place. I was the one who made the key lime pie that looked like yours…;)

      • I remember you AND the pie!

    • Yay!! Still in awe that you are replying…you’re the best! I am fans of so many things, TV shows, Taylor Swift, but none of them reply like you do. Thanks Sally!!

  13. Mmm those deviled eggs, with cheddar?! Yes please! Can’t wait to give that a try. You guys have the best food at your family get-togethers. (Which shouldn’t be surprising, I suppose!) Pecan crusted chicken AND ham? Whoa 🙂

  14. Your eggs are gorgeous! I actually tried emptying them and I have so many egg insides in my fridge right now. Maybe I’ll make a giant omelette.

    Happy Birthday to Jude! <3 <3

  15. YESS for that deviled egg recipe! That cup is so cute and happy birthday to Jude! I love his goofy grin.

  16. You’ve nicely used eggs to give us a yummy surprise. I’ve never thought that eggs can be used in a way to give a birthday surprise to Jude..Lucky Jude !!!!

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