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Saturday Seven


It’s been a couple weeks since I checked in on a Saturday and I’ve got some fun stuff to share!

1) I’m in NYC today with my assistants, Steph and Hilari. We are sort of turning this into a bakery tour of NYC, hitting as many delicious bakeries as we can. Thank you for all your suggestions on social media this week. We arrived hungry in our stretch pants. Kidding. Sort of. I’ll have to write a post about our adventure when I get back!

2) I reshot my favorite Thanksgiving stuffing this past week. Why? I made it to cheer us both up. We’ve felt run down all week, but luckily each feel better now. This soothed our souls! Plus I like these pictures much more than the old ones. It’s crazy when I look back at photos taken only 1 year ago and have the itch to re-do it all. Psycho perfectionist right here.

3) Website design updates are coming *very soon.* I’m excited to unveil an upgraded look to my blog as we head into the holiday season, with a lot of focus on easy navigation and sleeker looking print-out recipes. Things are about to look a tad different around here, especially the desktop site!

4) Fun new videos for you! Click each to view the new recipe videos:

You asked for lots of pumpkin recipe videos. 🙂 I shot even more recipe videos with my new video team when I was in Phoenix last week; lots coming for the holidays!

5) Here’s what I’m craving: Maria’s pear almond streusel bread, brown butter pumpkin cinnamon rolls are a MUST, these easy teriyaki chicken noodlespumpkin chai crumble muffins sound so good, and black-bottom cupcakes. I’ve always wanted to make cupcakes like that!

6) Sally’s Cookie Addiction is underway! I haven’t had a chance to work on the book much the past 2 weeks, but have days scheduled out for the remaining month so I stay on track. Writing cookbooks is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done, so having written out schedules helps me focus. My 3rd cookbook will have 75 photographed cookie recipes, with about 70 of them completely new.

7) And here’s what’s coming soon: a new cookie recipe next week, a new baking basics post I’m working on, bundt cake, cupcakes, and carrot cake things.

Non-blog things: enjoying our fireplace for the 1st time (I’m ridiculously excited about this!), carving pumpkins, my dear friend’s wedding in the poconos, Halloween… my faaaaavorite holiday!

Q: What are you baking this weekend?


  1. A bakery tour of NYC sounds like a really good idea!  One day…

    I haven’t quite got round to thinking about this week’s baking, so maybe I’ll browse on here a little longer for some inspiration. 😉

  2. I still need to bake a few more zucchini things with the behemoth I found in my neglected garden! Probably a batch of your chocolate zucchini bread to stick in the freezer. Pondering some easy Halloween treats as well as I try to get back into blogging mode! We’ll definitely be curled up by the wood stove watching the ball game! Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Being in Australia you can not find canned pumpkin anything so today I pureed some pumpkin and made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and they were awesome. Even the household complainer liked them. Luckily they even got frosted as I was stealing it out of the bowl to eat it was so good… 🙂

  4. Bakery tours of NYC are the best! I will always love Bouchon Bakery (in Rockefeller Plaza) the most! It reminds me of the first time I ever went which was on my honeymoon 8 years ago in Napa Valley 🙂 All good memories!

  5. We always say how much we wish we had a fire place, so I totally understand the excitement, enjoy!  This weekend I am actually making a bunch of your recipes for a gathering over our house with some of my husbands friends.  I baked chocolate chip cookies and your fudgy brownies last night.  Just put the chicken chili in the crockpot and am making your pretzel bites along with a few other appetizer type food.  I will need some wine soon with all the craziness in the kitchen!  lol.  Have so much fun in NYC!  Can’t wait to read about your adventures.

  6. I’m making chicken pot pies and the Pumpkin snickerdoodles this weekend

  7. Sally, your stuffing looks beautiful. I’m the same way about my pictures, though I’m definitely a few light years behind you. I feel compelled to re-photograph stuff as I make it again and again. It’s amazing to see the progress =)

  8. When you are done touring NY you should come and check out the bakeries here in SF! Yesterday I attended a bake sale at my son’s school. Lots of amazingly decorated cupcakes. I made a banana bundt cake with lemon icing and some toasted coconut flakes on top as well as lemon cream tart that sold first! I have another bake sale next Sat. as well. Happy Saturday! 

  9. In the future could you please share some truffle recipes?

  10. Ahh, thank you for asking! I’m baking three of your recipes for a family autumn gathering on Sunday;
    Caramel Apple turnovers, pumpkin slab pie, and Chai Spice Donuts.
    Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  11. You have so many exciting things coming up, Sally!!! Please snap your way thru NYC. This is the best time of year to be there! I wish I was touring those bakeries with you. Have fun! 🙂

  12. SO looking forward to Sally’s Cookie Addiction and all these new recipes and updates for your blog! I love watching your recipe videos; they make me so happy (my favourite is the video for those funfetti buttercreams! it’s so upbeat and SPRINKLY). This weekend, I’m baking your banana chocolate crumb cake (with peanut butter chips!) and later this week,I’ll hopefully finally get the chance to make my Jac-o-Lantern HALLOWEEN cupcakes 😀 have a great weekend Sally, and glad you guys are feeling better.

    • I love the buttercream video too 🙂 I forgot about that one! That banana crumb cake is my all-time favorite, but I’ve never tried it with PB chips. That has to happen!

      • I’ve made it with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and pb chips…. They’re all such a great compliment to the cinnamon banana flavours!

        And, especially considering how many times I’ve made this cake, it’s probably my favourite recipe on your blog. (but those brown sugar cookies are not far behind) 🙂

  13. With a few days of cooler weather in S. California I have made chili soup, yeast rolls and today a recipe from Baking Bites–Fudge Monster Cookies.

  14. Your NYC trip sounds so fun! Can’t wait to see a post about all the bakeries you visited!! I totally get reshooting old pics–I’m such a perfectionist too! Halloween is definitely one of the best holidays 🙂 This weekend I’m working on a pumpkin bread recipe and a candied almonds recipe!

  15. I actually just finished making your salted caramel sauce! If I refrain from eating the whole batch with a spoon, I’m planning to use it tomorrow as the topping when I make your caramel apple scones for a friend’s birthday brunch. Then turning my attention to choosing one of your cupcake recipes for my baby boy’s 1st birthday next weekend… Not even trying to suck up, I really do just bake almost exclusively from your blog. When you’ve found perfection, why go elsewhere?

  16. Sally – Hi. I really love receiving your newsletters and recipes, but I find this extremely difficult to read. The font is so delicate, and all of the pastel letters are incredibly hard on the eyes, though they are pretty. Any way that you can bump up the point size, or color?


  17. Glad you are feeling better! I follow you on Instagram and am VERY jealous of your bakery adventures in NYC! Today is my hubby’s birthday and I will be *attempting* to make your pinata cake to celebrate!

    • How did that Pinata cake turn out?! Feeling so much better now, thank you!

      • It turned out pretty well I think! I used Reese’s Pieces, chocolate chips and peanut chips for the candy inside as well as the top for decoration. I’ll be making another one next month for my mom’s birthday! Thank you for a great recipe as well as the easy-to-understand explanations and steps!

      • Those are the candies I’d want inside my cake! HAHA!

  18. Thank you for the pumpkin recipe videos! Love your videos

  19. Hi Sally – Thank God for stretch pants, eh? Gosh not sure I could handle a bakery tour in NYC. You are brave soles for sure! So this weekend I haven’t baked anything (although I had good intent to, probably today). We were busy bees this weekend prepping the house for sale. We officially are moving to the Lake! With that, I’m working on a new business adventure and one that includes my favorite thing to do….bake! Whether that be desserts or dinners. Still doing the research and have a lot on the plate right now, but it’s all great stuff. I think today I will finally bake your Caramel (as this inspires fall to me as previously mentioned) Apple Turnovers. The recipe has been literally sitting on my printer now for 2 weeks, so today is the day! Thanks for your inspiration!

    • CONGRATS! Oh how I wish I could live on a lake somewhere. Maybe a vacation home someday!! How did those turnovers come out? Can’t wait to hear about them!

  20. Can’t wait to see your new blog design!

  21. So many things happening, so please don’t take this as pestering but I miss seeing more of your everyday photo posts, when can we expect a new photography post? I’ve been having withdrawal symptoms ;-P (ps. would love to see that fireplace and the carved pumpkins! :-))

    ps2: So Excited for the Cookie Cookbook!! 😀

  22. Oh Sally– I would love to be a little bug on your bonnet and follow you all around NYC for the bakery tour– HOW MUCH FUN!! Sounds like you’ve got a really busy schedule coming up.
    I’m so very jealous that you have a fire in your fireplace– still summer here in Texas, but hopefully this weekend we will get a bit of Fall weather!
    I’m entering a baking contest in a couple of weeks with my Bavarian Apple Tart recipe. It is like an apple cheesecake with a shortbread crust. It sounds like a recipe you would love, and I would be happy to share it with you! Keep cooking!

    • LISA!!! Please please please share that recipe with me. It has everything I love. My mouth is actually drooling! My email: info(at)

  23. I recently got a donut pan so I’ve been obsessed with using it every weekend! The only problem is I eat them all before I get to enjoy them for breakfast the next day!

  24. My girls and I picked about 30 lbs of apples this weekend and we have a half-day from school this Wednesday, so we’re spending all day cooking and baking with them! Looking forward to combing through your archives….suggestions?

  25. A bakery tour of NYC sounds like an amazing way to spend the day! I am living vicariously through you!

  26. Didn’t get the chance to bake this weekend, but today I made your Easy Cinnamon Rolls. It’s the first time I’m making these, and I was a little scared about the whole dough thing. However, they came out perfect! I’ll be patiently waiting that NYC post!  

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