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31 Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

Here are 31 Thanksgiving pie recipes to inspire you this year! Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, Nutella tart, apple crumble pie, and so much more!

As we close out our first annual pie week, I thought it would be the perfect day to share ALL the pies on my blog today. These are a mix of my own recipes and others’ from around the internet. I seriously cannot finalize my Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving dessert menu because I can’t choose. And now there’s a whole slew of others to choose from! #pieproblems

Pumpkin & Sweet Potato

Delicious Fruit Pies

Seriously Nutty Pies

No Fruit Pies

Q: Did you enjoy pie week? Which will you make this month?



  1. All these pies <3 I'm going to have to slowly make my way down this list!

  2. I’m not much of a baker but I’ve always wanted to improve my skills – and I’ve seen some that I would definitely like to try! Love this list, I’m seriously drooling.. 

  3. I finally made your Caramel Apple Turnovers! They were scrumptious. I followed the recipe exactly, however, it only made me 7 turnovers as the filling ran out. As an addition to the caramel sauce I sprinkled, of course, sea salt on top! Heaven! Up next is your Apple Spice Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting…see a trend here? I tell ya…Salted Caramel is my fav!

  4. So now I could potentially make a pie for every single day of December, you’re the BEST Sally!! 😉 I loved Pie Week, and I’m definitely intrigued by the Apple Cranberry Pie you posted the other day. These all look fantastic too! SO MANY CHOICES.

  5. I’m going to make your pumpkin slab pie this thanksgiving! Also thinking of the pecan pie and the apple cranberry pie cause it looks mouthwatering. Like suddenly became hungry mouthwatering you know what I mean? They all look so good (awesome pictures!) and I can’t wait to make them!

  6. Well this post is definitely one to save…forever! Such a great collection I don’t know where to start!

  7. Pie is absolutely one of my favourite desserts – not the easiest to make, but worth it. I’ve made several of the pies off this list, but nothing will ever compare to my favourite, blueberry pie. It’s such a simplistic pie, compared to others, and always brings me back to summer. Anyways, loved being bombarded with pies this week Sally! I can’t decide which to make next 🙂

  8. The apple cranberry pie looks great! I think I will add that to my pies for thanksgiving. I just made your pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and they were really good! I shared with the neighbors! 

  9. I loved pie week!! So glad it’s going to be a tradition 🙂 This is a great list! And I love the different categories–I’m definitely gonna try some of those “nutty” and no-fruit pies!!

  10. Pie overload!  Attach directly to my butt and thighs!

  11. Sally, no matter what pie, your crust recipe is the absolute best ever. That is why I am at the site today to mske a pumpkin pie with the only pie crust I’ll ever use except for the Unfortunate reason that my daughter now has to eat gluten and dairy free food. I have to adjust for her. I aldo adjusted your pumpkin oatmeal cookies which she ate constantly throughout her pregnancy and lactating days (I was afraid my granddaughter was going to be orange she ate so many). Thanks for the great recipes, many of which are on constant rotation (this means you snickerdoodles, chocolate chip with m &m, and molasses ginger)

  12. Hi Sally! I Just came across SBA. I am in love with everything about your blog. Love your creative recipes, love the clicks totally, love the way you write and absolutely admire all your skills. I am still learning to bake and your recipes seem to set new goals for me! Thanks for such a wonderful collection.

  13. Such a wonderful collection. In love with all the tempting pie flavors. Wish I could taste them all right away. 😉

  14. This is an incredible list! I’m going to have to start baking to get through them all before the holidays!

  15. Your explanations of processes and photos are excellent!  These pies look truly wonderful, but I am just so impressed with your explanations and directions – especially for something that many find intimidating like pie.  You give so many people the confidence to try something new, which I think is great!!  

    • Oh thank you so much, Maria! I truly hope everyone can be confident enough to bake from scratch….especially pie which is so rewarding!

  16. All I know is, I’m starting with the apple crumb pie! Yum!

  17. YES! YES! YES! I was just looking at your blog for pie inspiration for Thanksgiving! This post came at a great time for me. I can’t wait to try out a new fruit pie this month 🙂


  18. I’ll be making the nutella tart with the toasted hazelnut crust. I bought the tart pan and hazelnuts yesterday and am good to go. Thanks again for this and all your other wonderful recipes.

  19. Hello, Sally. I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I never run out of amazing recipes to check out. They are always so good.

  20. I made your amazing pumpkin pie this week-a test run before Thanksgiving . I’ve never heard of putting black pepper in a pumpkin pie. I have to say, THIS pie will now be my go to pie for Thanksgiving! Thank you!

  21. I made your Apple Slab Pie for a backyard concert/party recently and boy, was it ever a hit! People were asking for pieces to take home and I’m normally the one begging for “re-homing” of leftover party desserts 🙂

    Next up…your Brown Butter Sweet Potato pie. My husband LOVES sweet potato pie and can’t wait to try it! Thank you for the awesome pies this week!

    • You are welcome, Jana! The apple slab pie is one of my favorite to make for a big party. Let me know how the sweet potato pie turns out!

  22. Thanks for including my pie Sally! <3 XO

  23. This is such a great round up – I want all the pie! 🙂

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