Simple Cherry Pastry Pies.

Frozen puff pastry makes these handheld cherry pies a piece of cake pie to prepare.

Simple Cherry Pastry Pies are easier than you think! Grab the recipe on

GUESS WHAT. I made little handheld pies! And I have to say/type that these simple cherry pastry pies are my favorite dessert of the summer. That says a lot considering s’mores tartlets.

But before we get to this pastry pie razzmatazz, how was your weekend? What did you do? My weekend was jam-packed showering the bride-to-be. Let’s see, a bunch of us went out to Osteria for dinner Saturday night (the grilled halibut is sooo on point), then brunched at Parc in Rittenhouse Square before heading to the bridal shower.

Suddenly my Monday morning back to work feels all sorts of boring.

Simple Cherry Pastry Pies are easier than you think! Grab the recipe on

So about the pastry pies. They’re hand pies! And also sort of like toaster strudels, which is enough reason to make a mad dash to the kitchen like, right now. But what makes them even better than store-bought toaster strudels is that the filling is made from actual real fruit. Summer sweet cherries to be exact.

Saturday Seven, 22.

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