Brookie Pie.

If you can't choose between chocolate chip cookies or brownies, have both in this brookie pie! Recipe on

Sticking to pie goals! Earlier this summer, I vowed to bake and share more pie recipes than I ever have before. We’re pretty solid so far and I’d say my favorite is the apple slab pie. (Though is there really competition when apple pie’s on the line? C’mon.) Hoping you’ve been baking pies right along with me!

If you haven’t made a pie yet this summer, let me try to persuade you. What you see here is half chocolate chip cookie, half brownie. Cookies + brownies = brookies. All homemade, all deep dish style. All ridiculously decadent.

Hmm. I feel like I’m REALLY going to have to sell this one…

If you can't choose between chocolate chip cookies or brownies, have both in this brookie pie! Recipe on

Sense the sarcasm?

Homemade Rainbow Chip Frosting.


Not sure if you’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing the tub of miracles otherwise known as rainbow chip frosting. It’s a tangy-sweet, but mostly sweet, vanilla frosting that has soft and colorful chips swirled inside. If unicorns and leprechauns owned a bakery together, rainbow...

Great Big List of Healthy Smoothies.


I feel like there’s been a lot of sugar and butter around here lately. Or.. let’s be serious… all year long. Truth is, in between all the baking I do, I usually sip on a smoothie at my desk when I’m editing photos and responding...

Fresh-Squeezed Mimosa Cupcakes.


TGIF. Because today we’re drinking mimosas and eating them too. Bakers, let’s brunch. Boozy cupcakes are recently new to me. I made margarita cupcakes for several of you at a cooking demo earlier this year and since then, I’ve been intrigued to turn all my...

Dark Chocolate Coconut Blondies.


I have something you’re going to love more than any brownie you’ve ever tasted. I’m talking about dark chocolate coconut blondies, where dark chocolate and brown sugar and butter and coconut and vanilla meet like they never have before. Can brownies even do unimaginable...

30 Minute Teriyaki Shrimp.


Yesterday was the big birthday BBQ! We’ve been looking forward to it all summer. Kevin’s birthday celebration was complete with all the fixings from hamburgers & hot dogs to salmon, chips & corn salsa, caprese salad, 5 bean salad, corn & edamame salad, greek dip & pitas...

Saturday Seven.


I can’t chat for long because I have about 1 million recipes to make today. Tomorrow afternoon is Kevin’s birthday BBQ bash and I have a peanut butter pie and ice cream cake on my to-do list. Not to mention clean the disaster that...

Fresh Peach Cobbler.


Last weekend when I dropped the pups off at my mother-in-law’s, I walked into boxes of peaches on the counter. Sunset-hued, freshly picked. She was canning them, an annual Quinn family tradition. I helped out for a few moments before Kevin and I had to...