Creamy Chicken Pasta Salad.

This simple pasta salad has the works! Bacon, crisp peppers, broccoli, feta cheese, grilled chicken, and tomatoes covered in a creamy buttermilk greek yogurt dressing. Easy, quick, and makes great leftovers.

Creamy Bacon Chicken Pasta Salad - we make this every week. It is SO good, especially when you get all that bacon and feta in one bite!

Hello hello! Welcome to my favorite “I don’t feel like actually cooking anything, so I’ll just put all leftovers into a bowl with pasta and broccoli” dinner.

Truth is, Kevin and I make this pasta salad on the regular in the summertime. Pasta + chicken + bacon + cheese + easy. There’s no way NOT to love it. And it all comes together with a tangy dressing that is impossible to pass up.

I don’t even really like pasta (I know, so weird), but I love this pasta salad. Maybe because there is more “stuff” in the salad than pasta. It is soooo good.

Creamy Bacon Chicken Pasta Salad that will have everyone begging for the recipe! All tossed together in a creamy Greek yogurt dressing.

Since it’s a little heavier and we are both watching what we eat before the wedding (besides dessert CLEARLY), I always serve this pasta salad with extra veggies on the side and then I mix it all together on the plate to make it look like it’s a bigger serving of pasta salad but it’s really just more vegetables. Did you even understand that run-on sentence?

Moving along.

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