A Few St. Lucia Photos & Upcoming Events.

St Lucia | Sally's Baking Addiction

I’m only going to share a few St. Lucia photos with you here because the rest of the pictures are on my photography blog today. I took so many! I wanted to soak in every last bit of this paradise.

St Lucia | Sally's Baking Addiction

My sisters and I, all 4 years apart, all got married within 16 months. Each of our weddings were completely different from one another– each in different cities/countries and each reflecting our own styles and personalities.

Now that we’re all grown, we don’t take many family vacations together. So it was incredibly special to celebrate the last of our weddings as a family in an unforgettable place like this!

12 Super Easy Super Bowl Recipes.

12 super easy game day recipes on sallysbakingaddiction.com including coconut chicken, soft pretzel bites, sweet potato skins, guacamole, BBQ meatballs, and more!

For the first time in my 30 years, I’m actually excited for the Super Bowl. Let me rephrase. For the first time in 30 years, I’m actually excited to watch the Super Bowl. I’m not a football person (shocking) but after attending a Ravens game...

Baked Honey BBQ Popcorn Chicken.


Easy, crunchy, sticky, saucy chicken poppers that are coated and baked, not fried. While football clearly isn’t my forte, I’m a PRO at football snacks. Like, I would be playing in the snack Super Bowl every year if there was a snack Super Bowl. This is...

Work for Sally’s Baking Addiction!

SBA Marketing Assistant

Guess what? I’m hiring! Here at Sally’s Baking Addiction headquarters/Jude’s turf, I’m up to my ears in work 24 hours a day. Even when I’m sleeping, I’m dreaming about dessert. (That might not be a work thing, but an addiction thing.) When it comes down...

Sweetheart Swirl Bark (Video).


Super simple chocolate bark swirled with pink white chocolate and lots of candy hearts. Oh my goodness oh my goodness. So much for you on this fabulous Monday!! Normally I’m not this hyper on a Monday, but I’m in St. Lucia on vacation so I’m hyper...

Coffee Break.


Vacation style. I’m in St. Lucia this week for my sister’s wedding. There’s about 20 of us here and we’ve all been keeping pretty busy between the pool, beach, sunset sails, kayaking, and daiquiris (tough life, eh?). But I had to pop in and...

Simple Maple Vanilla Baked Pears (Video).


4 ingredient super simple maple vanilla baked pears that are cooked until warm and soft, completely infused with maple and vanilla, and topped with crunchy granola. First things first: hi! I’m currently in St. Lucia sipping a big ol’ margarita on the rocks while watching the sun...

Baking Basics: Room Temperature Ingredients Make a Difference.

Buttery Blueberry Streusel Muffins by sallysbakingaddiction.com-2

Here we go again, bakers! A new post in my baking basics series. While traveling and meeting you on my book tour these past few months, I’ve learned two things. (1) You cannot take a jar of peanut butter through security. They will confiscate it. And...