Easy Healthy Dinner: Baked Pineapple Teriyaki Chicken.

Simply pour this homemade teriyaki sauce over chicken and bake!

Simply pour this homemade teriyaki sauce over chicken and bake!

Hey hey hey! Another Monday morning to relish.

Sarcasm, of course. I’m back from an adventurous vacation in the Pacific Northwest. Mondays after vacation. I’ll have a tall coffee with a side of post vacay blues.

I’ll tell you more about the trip this week in sally’s photography, so stay tuned for that!

PS: if you want easy access to my photography, go to the tab at the top of this page. See? You can easily switch between this food/baking feed and the photography feed.

Simply pour this homemade teriyaki sauce over chicken and bake!

Before leaving for vacation, I made today’s recipe for dinner one night. Something on the healthier side, which is what dinner usually looks like around here. Lean meats, veggies, tasty sauces. Like so. And it’s been so exciting sharing everyday dinner recipes with you! The feedback I’ve been getting about sprinkling (ha!) healthier meals into my posts has been inspiring. So, stay tuned for a few more healthy meals this month.

Party Angel Food Cake.

Confetti Angel Food Cake-3

Rainbow sprinkles, crunchy hazelnuts, and smooth chocolate ganache makes this a PARTY angel food cake. SBA followers: I’ve got a new post up in my photography section today. ♥ Prepare your eyes! Your tastebuds! Your stomach! I’ve been working on perfecting angel food cake for the past few months...

Baking Basics: Measuring is EVERYTHING.

Learn how to correctly measure your baking ingredients-- recipe disasters usually stem from mis-measured ingredients! sallysbakingaddiction.com-10

Fellow bakers! Welcome back to my Baking Basics series. Cue little dance in the kitchen holding a whisk. Ooooh before I forget (which, let’s face it, always happens)… I shared another post in my photography section yesterday! Today we’re focusing on something that may seem trivial to you,...

Simple Cherry Pastry Pies.

Simple Cherry Pastry Pies-8

Frozen puff pastry makes these handheld cherry pies a piece of cake pie to prepare. GUESS WHAT. I made little handheld pies! And I have to say/type that these simple cherry pastry pies are my favorite dessert of the summer. That says a lot considering...

Saturday Seven, 22.

Sally's Baking Addiction recipes including Reese's Pieces Cookies, Strawberry Sangria, Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars, Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins, Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls, and more!

Hey hey hey! Here we are in the dog days of summer where lunch consists of a bowl of cherries and leftover corn on the cob and my evening runs are a total sweat-fest. It’s a picture I don’t care to paint you. To see what I’ve...

M&M’S® Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie.

M&Ms Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie-2

Only 50 minutes between you and THIS. M&M’S® are back in my dessert this week! Recent M&M’S® treats: truffles of the peanut butter variety, ice cream sandwiches, PIÑATA CAKE. To fill you in: awhile back M&M’S® got in touch with me for a collaboration. Judging by the...

Strawberry Rolls with Sweet Lemon Glaze.

Strawberry Rolls with Sweet Lemon Glaze-4

A summery twist on cinnamon rolls, these glazed strawberry rolls can be made ahead to save time in the morning. First, thank you for all your excitement over my new photography blog! I’ve been looking forward to sharing this new addition to Sally’s Baking Addiction...

Introducing: SBA Photography Blog!

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Hi! I am sooooooooo oooooo o excited for today. In the past 4 years shooting food, I’ve taken an interest in shooting life. Simply put, I enjoy shooting the everyday. Whether that is travel, nature, people, places, faces, spaces, mornings, weekends, you name it. I bring my camera...