Saturday Seven

cookie addiction recipe

We made it to another weekend! We’re taking advantage of the long weekend and are up in the Poconos. Well, actually, we’re on the drive up right now but when you read this– we’ll be there soaking up the winter-but-it-actually-feels-like-spring goodness. I needed a break from my manuscript. I’m in the homestretch. I have about 12 recipes out of 75 left, but the majority of the work on my shoulders is writing the introduction pages. I always save those for last as I review the manuscript in full and pull it all together.

But first, I had to climb out of my cookie hole and get away for a few days. The cookies above are the same cookies I shared on Instagram last weekend. It’s a new chocolate chip cookie recipe I created for Sally’s Cookie Addiction, which will be published this Fall. They’ve got these crazy crisp edges but a tender center. Right now we’re deciding on cookbook cover designs. Once the cover is finalized, I’ll have some pre-order info for you and a BONUS gift for everyone who pre-orders! More on that in several weeks so stay tuned.

Let’s rewind to this past week!