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snowflake sugar cookie with sprinkles

The countdown is on! And it’s so very real. Only 5 days left to go. What is everyone baking this week for the big holiday weekend? I want to share a few things I’m making in case you’re looking for any last minute inspiration. We’re headed to my parent’s on Friday and it’ll be a full house all weekend. My sister is also throwing a Christmas Eve party on Saturday and I’m in charge of ALL the desserts. So this requires massive amounts of Christmas sweets!!

Last week, some girlfriends and I had a cookie exchange. I made a few batches of peppermint mocha cookies to bring along. Since I made so many at once, I decided to drizzle white chocolate on top instead of individually dipping each cookie. If you’re making peppermint mocha cookies this week, they’re fantastic either way! I’ll be making another batch this week for Christmas weekend.

peppermint mocha cookies

I also made some Christmas sugar cookies. What I love most about this particular sugar cookie recipe is that it uses an easy cookie icing. I simply use a squeeze bottle to ice them. Much easier than royal icing if you’re making dozens and dozens of them this week! The icing sets after several hours too.

The cookies are super soft in the centers, too. Definitely my go-to sugar cookie.

sugar cookies decorated for Christmas

My family always requests a big batch of candied nuts each Christmas too. I made these yesterday. These taste fresh for weeks, so it’s one less thing to do right before we go!

candied nuts with a serving spoon

Over the weekend, I tried my hand at a new chocolate chip muffin recipe. I won’t post it on my blog, but all I did was replace blueberries with chocolate chips in this blueberry muffins recipe. Literally the same exact muffin, streusel on top and all. We LOVED these. If you need an easy sweet for Christmas brunch, definitely try these out. I’ll make them again for Christmas Eve brunch.

chocolate chip muffins

This candy cane fudge stays soft for days, so I made a batch on Sunday for this coming weekend. It’s so simple; one of those shortcut fudge recipes. No candy thermometer, just a few simple pantry staples like chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and candy canes.

squares of candy cane chocolate swirl fudge

Earlier this month, I made two batches of these funfetti slice and bake cookies. We ate one batch, but I froze another for Christmas. I simply made the cookie dough, rolled it into logs (per the recipe direction!), then froze the logs of dough. This week I’ll remove them from the freezer, let them thaw out, then slice and bake. I love these slice and bake cookies because their texture is unlike any other cookie I’ve made before. Crisp crumbly edges with soft centers!

overhead image of funfetti slice and bake cookies with half of each cookie dipped into white chocolate and topped with sprinkles

Most likely making a snack-type cake like this gingerbread loaf. I’m going to make this on Thursday morning so it’s fresh all weekend. It’s not Christmas without gingerbread!

gingerbread loaf with icing

Here’s what else I’ll bake this week:

I would love to hear what you’re baking. Even though my baking list seems full, the Christmas Eve party itself requires a ton (I think 30+ people). So I’m looking for more ideas too!

Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. Your baking list looks SO GOOD! I need to check out your candied nuts recipe. I’ve been baking double chocolate crinkle cookies, frosted Chai spice snickerdoodles, white chocolate cranberry cookies and eggnog coffee crumb cake for the past few weeks to give out as gifts. For Christmas Eve, my family and I will have apple crumb pie, gingerbread spice snack cake, and Nutella swirl pumpkin pie. There will also be some white chocolate cranberry cookies for my kids to put on a plate for Santa (Santa’s request). For Christmas morning, there will be eggnog coffee crumb cake and cream cheese French toast casserole baking in the oven while we are opening presents. Merry Christmas Sally!

  2. Not a surprise…cake pops!! I have make peppermint mocha, coconut and red velvet. I have also made rum balls for the first time!! A friend asked me to make them and they were super easy. I am using Emeril Lagasse’s recipe. I switched out the rum for bourbon on the second batch and they were tasty too. I am thinking of getting some hazelnuts (instead of the walnuts) and using frangelico. I’ll let you know how those go.
    I’ll make a pie (not sure what kind) for Christmas dinner and mini pumpkin loaves for snaking while opening presents on Christmas morning. 
    This is my son’s last Christmas while in college, so we are not sure if he will be with us next year. As we have done for 9 years, we will be having a New Year’s Eve party for his friends. I will be watching your site for ideas for about 40 kids (although most are 22 and older!)

  3. Hi Sally! Along with the classic cookies I make every year, I also tried your Magic Bars. They were decadent and heavenly – a new twist on the classic 7 layer bars. I also made your Funfetti Cookies Supreme. The cookies were great on their own, but the Whipped frosting makes them fantastic! Your recipes were easy to follow and produced good results. They are both definitely going on my must make Christmas cookie list.

    Also, thank you for the recommendation of the silicone spatulas. I got a set and really found them useful. The smaller ones are particularly good for scraping the beater of the mixer.

    Your recipes are making Christmas yummier!

  4. I’m making my grandma’s sugar cookies, turtles, pretzel hugs, fudge, peppermint bark, peanut butter blossoms, and your soft molasses gingersnap cookies.  Love your blog – everything I have made from here is a hit!

  5. I am actually done with this round of holiday baking. Will probably do some more when I am back in town after the New Year….but that peppermint candy fudge might need to be squeezed in! I am now looking at things for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am making a vegetable tartin for me and my mom and homemade mac & cheese for the nephews (and for people who turn their noses up at vegetables). On Christmas Day my mom really wants to serve sandwiches so I am going to make a butternut squash/cranberry/spiced pecan “salad” and a penne pasta salad with roasted cherry tomatoes and pesto.

    OH…and maybe some biscotti need to be made….lol! (actually, I will probably do cut out cookies…am VERY curious about your easy icing. My mom always wants buttercream but it is so thick and nearly impossible to set up…)

    I wish I could sample everything from your spread!!! Have a great time and a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Looking for suggestions…I’m putting together a package to send to my aunt in Switzerland. I’m searching for a recipe that will withstand the trip. The pecan shortbread looks incredible but I’m concerned that they will be stale.
    Thank you

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