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Over 80 recipes with a short ingredient list!

Pineapple bars topped with pineapple slices and cherries

When I was baking Christmas cookies this past holiday season, I leaned toward recipes with fewer ingredients. Busy working and chasing children around, I was strapped on time, as most of us always are! So, for the sake of convenience and avoiding extra trips to the grocery, I made multiple batches of 4 ingredient peanut butter fudge, coconut macaroons, rice krispie treats, and lace cookies. After that, I scrolled back through my archives and found over 80 8 ingredient or less recipes.

I thought you would appreciate this too! I didn’t include drinks or frostings as most have less than 8 ingredients. As my blog is mostly baking, dessert recipes are prevalent!

*Pictured above: 130 Calorie Greek Yogurt Pineapple Bars

8 Ingredient Recipes

collage of 8 ingredient or less recipes including no bake chocolate coconut snowballs, brownies, small batch cheesecake, and peanut butter lava cakes



Bread & Breakfast

7 Ingredient Recipes

collage of 8 ingredient or less recipes including no-bake smores cake, mini key lime pies, flourless peanut butter brownie cookies, and honey garlic shrimp



Bread & Breakfast

6 Ingredient Recipes

collage of 8 ingredient or less recipes including macarons, lace cookies, maple sesame salmon, and buttermilk biscuits



Bread & Breakfast

5 Ingredient or Less Recipes

collage of 8 ingredient or less recipes including pavlova, white chocolate caramel cashew clusters, coconut macaroons, and salted caramel

All dessert. 🙂

GF = gluten free recipe.

Reader Questions and Reviews

  1. OMG! Bless you for this amazing compilation! This will really speed up the process when you decide to bake or prepare dinner in a pinch…. or just can’t make a trip to the store, again! A huge thank you!

  2. Some nice and easy recipes with just a few ingredients. This has got my taste buds going now. I will definitely try some of these out. Thanks for the list. Now I have to try one for dinner tonight.

  3. Thank-you Sally, as so many recipes have far too many ingredients. These look perfect as are all of yours that I have made.

  4. Thank you on for these recipes! Some of my favorites are on this list and I will be using it regularly.

  5. Thank you sally, this is so helpful and truly needed ! I feel like I’m always at the grocery store buying another Ingredient . A short list is awesome and I can’t wait to try! They all so so yummy

  6. Thanks for this list Sally, Always thinking of ways to make our lives more efficient and ingenious recipes to keep us happy bakers

  7. Great list!

    Even better still would be another one with recipes for when you’re short on time!
    I noticed a few of the recipes here are very labour intensive, or include a lot of chilling/rising, or hands off time (thinking of the homemade croissants, which while absolutely delicious and very few ingredients, were incredibly labour intensive and took a lot of waiting time).

    I’d love to see a consolidated list like this of your recipes that take under half an hour, and requore little to no wait time.
    Or maybe with categories of “under an hour”, “under 45 minutes”, “under 30 minutes”, “under 20 minutes”, “under 15 minutes”, and “under 10 minutes”, cuz you have a ton that fall into those categories, the salted caramel is the first that comes to mind, but a lot of my other favorite’s do as well, like the lace cookies.

  8. Oh Sally, you are amazing! I was diagnosed as a celiac last year and I still read every one of your posts, secretly coveting those who can prepare your recipes as provided. I will often try to convert them to gluten free – sometimes successfully and other times resulting in an epic failure. How very considerate to note the GF recipes in this roundup. You are just the best!

  9. I’m so happy I found this! This literally made my day! I just joined your email list in December after having tried many of your recipes. I am so happy with all the recipes I have tried and so is my family!:) Thank you so much for all your time and effort going into these recipes so we can all enjoy the yumminess of your labor! Your recipes are a blessing!

  10. Thank You Sally for this list. It is so helpful. I also wanted to add that your pizza dough is the only one I use. Its delicious.

  11. My girlfriend told me about your hoagie buns. I so want to make them, but can not find them.. Where do I need to look? Thank you.

    1. Hi Nancy! I don’t have a recipe for hoagie buns on my website. Here are all of my yeasted breads in case your girlfriend is talking about any others.

  12. Sally,

    Thank you for your fast reply. My girlfriend gave me a recipe that she said was on your site. I know I did not find it, but found so many other good looking recipes. I love making breads. I looked at all your bread recipes from the one you sent me. What fun I am going to have making bread. What better time. My girlfriend mentioned it was a sub bread recipe. I sure do appreciate all the help you tried to give me.

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